A Resource Library for Pet Owners

Living With Pets

Allergies & Animals: Allergies don't always mean you have to get rid of your pet. Learn more about identifying and managing allergies

Boarding Your Pet: Angell offers boarding services for your pet, including those pets with special medical needs

Dog Parks: Learn why MSPCA-Angell supports off leash recreation areas for dogs and find out how to become involved in your community dog park

Disaster Preparedness: Keep your pets safe in the event of a natural disaster or evacuation

Hardship and Counseling Services: Getting help during times of hardship

Home Foreclosure & Pets: Learn how to keep your pet safe through challenging times

Home Insurance for Dog Owners: Information to help you get or maintain a homeowner’s insurance policy when you own or adopt a breed of dog that may be identified as "high risk"

Introducing Dogs & Cats: The old tale that a cat and dog cannot live together peaceably is untrue. What is true, however, is that it does take some skill and patience to make it work.

Invisible Fences: Learn about these systems and why they aren't suitable for every dog or situation

Lost & Found: Resources to help you find your lost pet or report a found pet

Poison Control: Get 24x7 help for your pet

Pet Population Statistics: The MSPCA conducts research every five years on pet ownership in Massachusetts, revealing interesting trends on the state's population of pets

Pet Safety Tips: Keep your pets safe with tips every pet owner should know

Pet Therapy Programs: Learn about therapy dog programs in Massachusetts

Renting With Pets: Finding pet-friendly housing in Massachusetts

Surrendering an Animal: Take these steps before making the decision to surrender your pet

Traveling With Pets: How to ensure the safety of both you and your pet while on the road



Still have questions? Visit our Pet Owner Guides for more information on pet behavior issues, care, and adoption.