Helpful Tips for Common Pet Problems

Behavior Issue:   
Dog Behavior Issues   Cat Behavior Issues
There are medical or behavior training solutions to most behavior issues! Don’t be discouraged! Giving up your pet is not the solution. We have provided a list of common behavior problems in cats and dogs and suggestions on how to correct the problem behavior.  Many behavior problems are actually caused by medical issues, contact your local veterinarian for advice.

Moving and Pet Friendly Apartments
Moving is hard on every member of the family. Many people decide to give up their pet before moving because they are unable to find a pet friendly apartment. We have provided tips on how to find pet-friendly housing.

Stifle those sniffles! Learn simple steps to live comfortably with pet allergies.

A New Baby
There are ways to ensure a happy and safe introduction of a new family member to the house hold. Learn how to address this important change so the new baby is welcomed and accepted by the resident dog or cat.

A New Animal Addition
Introducing a new animal into your home can be hard on your resident pet or child. Patience and a proper introduction can facilitate a lasting friendhsip or at least instill a permanent truce.

Too many pets?
Our Spay/Neuter Assistance Program offers discounted rates on sterilization surgeries so you can stop the birth of new kittens and puppies.  For small animals, our Adoption Center staff can sex your pets so they can be separated into different cages based on gender to prevent anymore accident births.  Many small mammals can be neutered as well.

Not Enough Time

Hire a dog walker, cat sitter, or take your dog to doggie day care. Do some research - there are plenty of people out there who will take care of your pet for a minimal fee. You can also advertise for one on This will provide more interaction for your pet and will also make sure that they are less hyper when you come home.

Don’t see your problem here?  Every pet and family is different and you face your own unique set of challenges.  Oftentimes, there is a solution we can offer to help you and your pet stay together.  Please contact the MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center near you.  We would like to be a resource for you - listen to the difficulties you are experiencing and work with you to provide feasible answers.