Support Natural Disaster Relief

The news is constantly filled with images of human suffering from the war in Iraq to the fires in California. Far too often, animals are the forgotten victims of these catastrophes. But the MSPCA-Angell is there to help.

Ever since the disastrous volcanic eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980, MSPCA members and friends have helped us send veterinarians, law enforcement and shelter staff, along with medical supplies and equipment, to rescue wild and domestic animals ravaged by hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, oil spills, terrorism, wars, and other disasters.

The MSPCA-Angell Natural Disaster Relief Fund is a great way for you to help animals that are victims of disasters like these. The fund provides the MSPCA-Angell the resources to respond swiftly to animal-related emergencies both domestically and around the globe. And a speedy response is often the key to making a real difference.

That’s why we need your help right we can be ready to help at a moment’s notice. The MSPCA-Angell Natural Disaster Relief Fund depends 100 percent on the generosity of friends like you. We receive no government funds.

Contributions to our Natural Disaster Relief Fund will be used solely to benefit animal victims of domestic and global disasters and emergencies. We’ll also keep you posted on disasters as they happen.

For more information on how you can donate to the fund, contact the Development Office at 617-541-5046 or Donations also may be given online by clicking here.