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Lost Pet Resources

Boston Area Humane Agency and Animal Control InformationDog playing

One of the important steps in finding your lost pet is to contact all of the humane agencies and animal control offices in and around your town.  Besides the MSPCA, here are other local contacts you should notify.
Humane Agencies

To search for other shelters in your area, please visit: http://www.pets911.com/.

Animal Control Offices

Boston Animal Control: 617-635-5348, 26 Mahler Rd., Roslindale
Cambridge Animal Control: 617-349-4376, 344 Broadway, Cambridge
Somerville Animal Control: 617-666-3311, DPW I Franey Rd, Somerville
Brookline Animal Control: 617-730-2222

To find your local Animal Control Office information, please check your phone book or contact your City Hall or Police Department.

Microchip Companies

If your pet has a microchip and becomes lost, it is important that your contact information linked to the microchip is accurate, or the shelter who finds your pet will not be able to contact you.  Here are the major microchip companies and their contact information.

Home Again: 1-888-466-3242, http://public.homeagain.com/
AVID: 1-800-434-2843