Pet Safety Tips

Tips to a Pet-Friendly Summer

Angell Animal Medical Center (617 522-7282) is open 24 hours a day/seven days a week if you pet is in need of immediate medical care.

Many pet owners fire up the grill for the July 4th weekend and throughout the summer. It is only natural to want to involve your pets in your backyard festivities. Follow these simple rules from Angell Animal Medical Center’s Emergency and Critical Care Service to keep your pets safe and happy during these summer events.

Heat Stroke:

Pets are extremely sensitive to high temperatures. Provide shade and plenty of potable water for your pet to drink. Never leave your pet in your car.


Keep barbecue skewers out of your pet’s reach before they can end up in their stomach.


Securely place all trash in garbage bins to prevent your pet from eating tasty “leftovers” including dangerous items like corncobs and bones.


Keep your pet away from garden poisons including compost, cocoa mulch, toxic plants, and slug bait.


Speak with guests about what your pet can and cannot eat. Several foods to avoid include fatty sausages (pancreatitis), chocolate from s’mores (chocolate toxicity), and wild mushrooms (mushroom toxicity can prove fatal to certain dog breeds).


Keep your pet in a secure location to avoid car accidents or deadly antifreeze ingestion (ethylene glycol toxicity).


Pets can be badly burned in pit fires and camp fires. Do not allow your pet near any open flames.

Other Pets:

Before bringing your pet to a barbecue or allowing guests to bring theirs, make sure you know if all of the animals will get along. When it doubt, leave your dog where he is safest: at home!

Open Windows and Doors:

If you plan to open up your windows and doors, be sure to keep screens in place so that your pet does not go outdoors unnoticed. It is also important to keep screens in place and your pet off of balconies to avoid falls that can prove fatal.


While enjoying the fireworks, remember that those explosions and flashes can stress your pet and negatively affect their behavior. It is important to keep your pets indoors and away from crowds during a fireworks display to avoid any incidents with other pets or people.  Find a quiet area for your pet indoors and turn on the tv or radio to help reduce the ability for him  to hear the fireworks. If you know that your dog responds very poorly to fireworks, talk to your vet about ways to reduce your pet's stress.