Adoption at the MSPCA

The Perfect Home for Farm Animals

Farm animals are very different from other pets in that they live outside of the home - requiring their own structures and space.  Because of this, there are added considerations to make before adopting a farm animal:

- Is your town/area zoned for the animal you want to adopt?  Some towns may allow chickens, but not goats, for example...

- Do you have enough time to care for (feed, clean, spend time with) this animal?

- Can you afford proper housing, nutrition, and medical care for your farm animal?

- Do you have a friend or relative who will assist in their care when you are away or ill?

Having a farm animal as a pet might seem unusual to many of us, but many can be fantastic pet choices - social, intelligent, and fun.  That being noted, they do require a major commitment from an adopter, so the decision to take a farm animal home as a pet is worth thinking over completely.

With the popularity of "urban flocks," many consider chickens a more versatile option for families looking to adopt farm animals.  While they require plenty of space and an appropriate coop, they offer a lot in return: fresh eggs and plenty of pest control.  Pigs, cows, goats, and sheep require more space, but can be excellent companion animals for horses.  And while the trend of keeping pot-bellied pigs as indoor pets has grown in recent years (we believe they should live - and are happiest - outdoors), these smaller animals have great pet potential, too.