Adoption at the MSPCA

Why Do Farm Animals Come to the MSPCA?

Families surrender their pets to the MSPCA, and other animal care and adoption centers, for a wide variety of reasons.  But overwhelmingly, finances are at the top of the list.  Before adding a pet to the family, we encourage every visitor to consider all of the responsibility involved in owing a pet - including cost.  Farm animals are no exception to this rule, and in many cases the cost of caring for a farm animal can be quite high.  Most require specialized outdoor housing, which is an initial up-front expense.  And the cost of feeding and providing both routine and emergency veterinary care should be factored in as well.

Other common reasons for surrender include inappropriate housing (when owners don't have proper outdoor facilities for their companion farm animals), zoning (many towns don't allow certain types of animals to live within the town limits or within certain neighborhoods), and noise (roosters crow, then neighbors complain).

Additionally, the MSPCA receives young birds from classroom chick (and duckling) hatching projects.  These animals are often brought into the world without permanent housing planned in advance, which can burden the few facilities equipped to care for them.  Before conducting hatching projects, we encourage all teachers to read about our concerns, and excellent alternatives, here.

Unfortunately, many people don't realize that companion farm animals are displaced as often as they are, or how difficult it can be to find great homes for the many animals awaiting adoption.  Help prevent animals from being brought to shelters by choosing a pet CAREFULLY and RESPONSIBLY.  To learn more about the care needs of companion farm animals, visit The Perfect Home for Me page.