Senior Pet Care & Adoption

Many of the animals surrendered to the MSPCA - from horses and cats to dogs and rabbits - are mature pets.  And while many visitors are willing to take home a cute kitten or baby bunny, many older pets wait weeks, if not months, for their forever families to take them home.  But there are many benefits to adopting not just an adult animal, but a senior pet!  Read on to learn more about senior pets at the MSPCA, what it takes to adopt them, and special events and adoption promotions happening at your local MSPCA adoption center.

At 10 years of age, Jenny (above) was adopted by Mike Keiley, Director of the MSPCA's Noble Family Adoption Center, and Kelly D'Agostino, Animal Care Supervisor in Boston.

Animals are surrendered to the MSPCA for a variety of reasons.  Click the link above to learn about the common reasons senior pets are brought to shelters.

Click here to find out which senior animals are currently available for adoption at the MSPCA - or simply stop by your local adoption center and meet many potential candidates in person!

Caring for a senior pet has many benefits as well as a few challenges.  Visit this page to learn more about the exacting needs of pets in their golden years, including their medical care.

Click the link above to learn about special events and adoption promotions taking place at your local MSPCA adoption center, including the Ivan Smith Adoption Challenge campaign.

Pet owners experience a special bond with their animal companions.  View our collected stories and photos of adopted animals in their forever homes by clicking the button above.