Adoption at the MSPCA

Why Do Senior Pets Come to the MSPCA?

Kayda, a bullmastiff mix, was adopted at the age of 8 years.

Families surrender their pets to the MSPCA, and other animal care and adoption centers, for a multitude of reasons.  But overwhelmingly, finances are at the top of the list.  And unfortunately, this seems to be a recurring theme with pets of a mature age.  Medical costs can be higher with senior pets, which can strain families' finances if not budgeted accordingly.  This is why it's incredibly important to have a plan in place for emergency medical expenses with a pet of ANY age.  With older pets, it's wise to count on spending additional money on special diagnostic tests and other age-related medical expenses, such as dental cleanings.  Of course, nothing beats the cost of being prepared: a pet with a nutritious diet, good exercise regimen, and routine veterinary care will better maintain her health as she ages.

Another reason that owners surrender their aging pets is because they feel they no longer have enough time, particularly for pets who may require more at-home medical care or those who need frequent outings to relieve themselves.  And sometimes older pets are surrendered by elderly guardians who may be transitioning to assisted living centers where they cannot bring their pets.  This is always very sad, because in the majority of cases, the owners of these pets would never willingly choose to give their pet away; they simply have no other option.

But for those willing to adopt a senior pet, the animal rescued couldn't be more grateful.  Providing a loving forever home to a geriatric pet is a special gift.  Many pets surrendered in their later years have spent their entire lives with one family, and it can be a difficult and heartbreaking transition for them to go from home to a shelter.  Giving them a second chance in which they can live out the rest of their years in comfort is so important.

Help prevent animals from being brought to shelters by choosing a pet CAREFULLY and RESPONSIBLY.  To learn more about the care needs of senior pets, visit The Perfect Home for Me page.