Adoption at the MSPCA

The Perfect Home for Small Animals

Gerbil Care and Adoption
Gerbils are incredibly curious and busy animals. They work all day at building bigger and better nests.

Guinea Pig Care and Adoption
Guinea pigs are active, gentle pets who love companionship. Learn about their care, housing, and diet needs.  A guinea pig might be the perfect pet for your family!

Rat Care and Adoption
Rats are very intelligent and very friendly animals. Many people are afraid of rats because they are often portrayed in a dim light in literature and movies. However, domestic rats are very clean, friendly, and social.
Mouse Care and Adoption
Mice are very gentle and fragile animals. They love to climb on people's arms and shoulders. They are very curious and productive animals and they love to make underground tunnels and houses with nests in them.
Hamster Care and Adoption
Hamsters are excellent escape artists and can get out of most cages. A lost hamster could cause damage to your wiring or be severely injured. It is imperative that your cage be escape-proof.

Ferret Care and Adoption
Ferrets became legal to own as pets in Massachusetts on March 7, 1996. The law requires owners to spay/neuter their pets and keep them current on their vaccinations.