Mass. License Plate Program

Animal-Friendly License Plates: Support Spay/Neuter Efforts in Massachusetts

What is the animal friendly license plate?
The animal friendly license plate supports spay and neuter programs in Massachusetts.

Why is it important?
There are too many animals, particularly cats, reproducing, causing many animal shelters to reach their maximum capacity. Sadly, there aren't enough homes for them all. Spaying or neutering programs make a big impact on controlling the population of cats and dogs.

Who is the sponsor?
The Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC), a collaboration of animal-care organizations, administers this license plate program.

How much do the plates cost?
The initial cost of the "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate is $40. $28 of that fee will support this statewide spay/neuter program. Upon renewal (every two years), your entire $40 renewal cost will support the spay/neuter program.
(Other Registory of Motor Vehicle fees may apply.)

How do I get one?
Ordering your plate is easy. You can visit the MassDOT website to order your plates online, or visit your local full-service branch of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

How does my contribution help?
Non-profit animal organizations and city and town animal control programs apply to receive funding through the license plate program. Funds are allocated yearly to the chosen programs. Tens of thousands of animals have been spayed or neutered as a result of the license plate program.

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