Spay/Neuter Program

SNAP Information for Veterinarians

SNAP: Making Spay/Neuter Affordable

Yes, you want to stop pet overpopulation and you want to help those who are trying to be responsible pet owners, but it can be hard to determine who’s really in need. That’s where SNAP comes in.

A cooperative program of the MSPCA and the MVMA, SNAP takes care of the administrative work for you, carefully screening clients. Your role is to provide half-price surgeries for as many low-income clients as YOU choose to help.

Benefits: What SNAP Can Do for YOU

While you will not be reimbursed for the half of the spay/ neuter fee not paid by the client, your generous participation in SNAP still benefits your practice. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that not only are YOU helping low-income families become responsible pet owners, you are also preventing the births of unwanted litters of animals, and the dozens-then-hundreds of litters that would have followed.

Help: We Can’t Do it Without You

The grim reality of pet overpopulation in Massachusetts is that an estimated 60 percent of the cat and dog population surrendered to shelters is euthanized annually. Through participation in SNAP, YOU will help stop this tragic waste of life.

You’ll also help alleviate the problem of stray and feral pets. These animals suffer, spread diseases including rabies, inflict injuries, cause traffic accidents, damage property, and are themselves injured or killed.

This problem is too big for any one of us to solve alone. But if we work together to provide all pet owners with the information and resources they need to be responsible, we really can make a significant difference for animals—and for people. That’s why we want YOU to become a SNAP veterinarian today.

How SNAP Works

In brief, the MSPCA’s SNAP office does the administrative work, and you perform the surgeries. Here are the details:

  • The MSPCA sends SNAP applications to you, other participating veterinarians, shelters, welfare offices, senior citizen centers, and visiting nurses. Pet owners complete these applications on their own and submit them to the MSPCA.
  • The MSPCA carefully screens SNAP applications to verify financial need. Every effort is made to prevent abuse of the program by those not truly in need of financial assistance. MSPCA staff members work closely with participating veterinarians, when necessary, to resolve questions regarding client eligibility.
  • Qualifying owners receive a SNAP certificate, along with a list of participating veterinarians, including YOU. They are free to choose a veterinarian from this list, and will contact you to arrange for their pet’s care.
  • As a participating SNAP veterinarian, YOU agree to provide spay/neuter surgery to SNAP certificate holders at one-half your normal fee. You are free to set reasonable limits on the number of SNAP clients you will serve.
  • The SNAP discount applies to related costs for admission, anesthesia, surgery, board, and suture removal. Inoculations are not fee-reduced under this program and the MSPCA advises certificate holders of this.
  • The only paperwork required of you is to please send back the bottom portion of the SNAP certificate to the MSPCA’s SNAP office upon completion of surgery.

Ready to Sign Up?

If you would like to be a SNAP veterinarian fill out our online application.