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Spay-Neuter at the MSPCA

Spay-Neuter Awareness is important at the MSPCA!

With an estimated 6-8 million homeless animals being brought to adoption centers each year in the US, pet overpopulation is a significant problem.  To be sure that your pet doesn't contribute to this startling statistic, the MSPCA recommends that every pet owner sterilize their cat or dog.  Want to learn more about this important issue, including where financially qualifying families can obtain low-cost surgeries for their pets?  Read on!

Learn more about the nearly dozen assistance programs offered locally.  Eligibility may depend on where you live, the type of pet you have, and your financial status.

In addition to reducing the nationwide overpopulation numbers, spay-neuter also helps curb unwanted behavior problems, can eliminate a variety of health risks, and costs less than you might think!

You've probably heard many of these misconceptions about spay-neuter.  We've separated fact from fiction, because conventional wisdom has changed through the years.

Take a look at the surprising (and sad) numbers displayed on this page, which includes the number of animals brought to shelters each year, as well as the number of families able to provide a home.

Are you concerned about sterilization surgery?  Click here to read answers to common questions about spay-neuter, one of the safest and most routine surgeries performed.