Resources for Resolving Conflicts with Beaver

Fact Sheets:

The Beaver Population in Massachusetts   pdf

 The Humaneness of the Conibear Trap, Steel Jaw Leghold Trap and Padded Leghold Trap for Capturing Beaver  pdf

Using Live Traps (Hancock/Bailey Traps) vs. Body-gripping traps

Beaver Trapping -- General Information

Cost-Effective Beaver Management  pdf

Summary: the Trapping Law Works  pdf


Additional Resources and Information:

Human-Beaver Conflicts in Massachusetts:  Assessing the Debate Over Question One (.pdf)

Trapping bills and legislation

Order our video on resolving beaver-related conflicts and watch video clips about beaver on YouTube

Massachusetts Wildlife Protection Act (ballot question) 


Understanding and Interpreting the Law

Beaver Solutions, Inc., specializing in resolving human/beaver conflicts

Testimonials on alternatives to trapping
-- Templeton, MA (video)
-- Billerica, MA (video)
-- Others

Click here for info on the laws relating to trapping 

More about beaver and beaver behavior

Berkshire residents: thanks to the Thieriot Foundation, MSPCA has grant money to help solve beaver related flooding in the Berkshires. Learn more.