Keeping the Peace with Canada Geese

MSPCA promotes Geese Peace programs in Massachusetts

Geese In Air

Communities in Massachusetts are beginning to look for ways to keep geese on the move. The main reason: geese droppings. Sharing parks, golf courses and swimming spots with geese can be troublesome when droppings start to accumulate in these high traffic human areas.

 The MSPCA has helped several communities implement a safe, effective, humane and successful program to reduce conflicts with Canada Geese called Geese Peace

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 In addition to getting authoritative information about humane resident Canada goose management, online group members of GooseTracks have an active role contributing to the community’s knowledge base. Members can share documents and photos on the group’s site in a permanent archive. Plus members can ask questions, chime in with suggestions from their experience, hold discussions, share announcements, and meet other people resolving goose conflicts.  This group is for people managing goose conflicts, animal advocates, property owners and managers, wildlife scientists and agency staff, and other people interested in humanely managing conflicts between Canada geese and people.  

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