Available Services

Case Consultation and Continuing Education:

Dr. Ashley Barton-Lamb is available for case planning and consultation to provide safe and effective anesthesia for all patients.


The Pain Medicine and Anesthesia services work cooperatively to provide individualized and optimal analgesia to patients during and after procedures. Clients and referring veterinarians are able to ask for specialized services for difficult or concerning problems related to anesthesia and pain management.


Continuing education is available on multiple topics related to pain management and anesthesia.


Anesthesia Services:

           Client consultations

            Locoregional anesthesia:

  • Epidural anesthesia/analgesia
  • Spinal analgesia/anesthesia
  • Specific nerve blocks (nerve stimulation and ultrasound guided localization)
  • Specific regional blocks
  • Intra-articular analgesia
  •  Local catheter infusions


            Multimodal anesthesia:

  • Total or partial intravenous anesthesia protocols
  • Continuous rate analgesic infusions


            Special Species anesthesia:

  • Consults or direct management
  • Avian, reptile, small mammal anesthesia
  • Sedative and analgesic protocols


            Specialized airway/ventilation management:

  • Difficult intubation solutions
  • Tracheostomy tube
  • Pharyngostomy tube
  • Positive end expiratory pressure
  • Pressure and volume control and support ventilation