Avian and Exotic Service


There are fewer than 140 avian specialists in the world and two of these doctors practice at Angell Animal Medical Center. Dr. Simone-Freilicher and Dr. Noonan are specially trained to offer wellness and emergency and critical care for avian and exotic pets. In addition, Dr. Simone-Freilicher has completed specialty training in Exotic Medicine, including rabbit and rodent dentistry, medical and surgical treatment of ferret diseases, and reptile medicine and surgery. Our doctors are available by appointment for primary care as well as consultation or referral of avian and exotic cases.

Optimal wellness and emergency/critical care for avian, small mammal, reptile, fish, or other exotic pets requires experienced veterinary management, specialized diagnostic and treatment protocols, and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities designed for these special species.

Dr. Simone-Freilicher and Deborah Kennedy care for "Sal" a leopard gecko with an eye infection.