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 Angell Animal Medical Center
350 S. Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02130 Phone: (617) 541-5038

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Angell Animal Medical Center has one of the largest animal cardiology groups in New England, with three full time board-certified doctors and one cardiology resident. Our size and expertise allow us to provide extensive outpatient hours as well as collaboration and sub-specialization for excellence in all areas of cardiovascular medicine and interventional cardiology.

The Angell cardiology staff is focused on clinical excellence and optimal client service and animal care. We offer extended hours throughout the week for our outpatient appointments. We provide on-site availability of cardiologists six days per week with consultation and emergency services through our Emergency and Critical Care service clinicians on Sundays, holidays and overnight. The large staff size allows us to accommodate last-minute emergency referrals (by prior arrangement) on most work days.

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