Available Services

Allergy Diagnosis and Management


Allergies are a common cause of skin and ear conditions in pets. Dogs and cats with allergies may scratch, chew, lick their paws, rub their face or have recurrent ear infections.

Three types of allergies are common in dogs and cats: food allergies, flea allergy dermatitis and atopic dermatitis (environmental allergies).

The Angell Dermatology Service offers:
 - Intradermal and serologic allergy testing for atopic dermatitis
 - On-site, custom immunotherapy formulation for the treatment of atopic dermatitis
 - Custom diet formulation for food allergies with the Angell Nutrition Specialty Service

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 Ear Clinic for the Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Ear Disease

The Angell Ear Clinic is a specialty clinic within the Angell Dermatology Service. Our Ear Clinic serves the New England region and is dedicated to the diagnosis and management of chronic ear infections in dogs and cats. 

The Angell Ear Clinic provides advanced care for any case of chronic or refractory ear disease. We specialize in diagnosing and treating resistant bacterial ear infections and middle ear infections as well as tumors, polyps or other masses in the ear.  We can perform ear surgery such as a myringotomy (obtaining a sample from the middle ear through the ear drum) and biopsy masses in the external or middle ear. Click here for the Angell Ear Clinic Brochure.

The Angell Ear Clinic offers:
 - Clinical evaluation of ears
 - Identification and management of underlying skin or systemic disorders affecting ear health
 - Video Otoscopic ear examination
 - Ear flushing and cleaning under general anesthesia
 - Ear cytology
 - Ear bacterial culture 
 - Myringotomy
 - CT Scan evaluation of tympanic bullae (middle ear)
 - Referral to the Angell Surgery Service for surgical correction of chronic ear problems: 
   o Lateral ear canal resection
   o Total ear canal ablation
   o Bulla osteotomy
   o Excision of polyps or tumors of ear canal

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Other Specialty Dermatology Services

We provide a wide variety of diagnostic tests to diagnose and manage your pet’s skin condition. These services include:

 - Cytologies, skin scrapes, trichograms
 - Aerobic and anaerobic bacterial cultures
 - Fungal culture
 - Skin biopsies
 - Laser surgery
 - Hormone level testing to evaluate hormonal causes of skin diseases


Dermatopathology is the microscopic examination of sections of skin obtained through biopsies.

The Angell Dermatology Service works closely with the Angell Pathology Laboratory to provide a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach to dermatopathology. The Angell Pathology Laboratory is in the same building as our veterinary hospital and is staffed by two Board-Certified Veterinary Pathologists. Skin biopsies obtained by the Angell Dermatology Service are reviewed by Dr. Loft of the Angell Dermatology Service and an Angell Pathologist.

For more information about skin biopsies and dermatopathology, click here.

The Angell Dermatology Service also diagnoses and manages a wide variety of other skin conditions such as infectious and noninfectious skin diseases, parasitic skin diseases, and skin manifestations of systemic diseases.