Dog Swallows Entire Wedge of Brie...and the Cheese Knife

Sean Domenici’s relaxing night at home turned into a mad dash to

Angell Animal Medical Center on Jan. 25 when his dog, Bean, swallowed an entire wedge of brie and the cheese knife that was placed beside.  Sean, who lives with his wife and several other pets in Roslindale, set the plate down on the coffee table and left the room for only a moment when Bean—a large Bull Mastiff—leapt onto the table and devoured the cheese (and knife) in no time flat.  After returning to the room and finding both the cheese and the knife missing Domenici immediately rushed Bean to Angell’s Emergency and Critical Care Unit. 


X-Rays Confirm Cheese Knife in Stomach


Upon arrival, Angell's Emergency/Critical Care doctors conducted a series of diagnostic tests and concluded that Bean had indeed ingested the nearly three-and-a-half inch knife.  The sharp and serrated knife was clearly visible in her stomach.  Fortunately, because she swallowed the knife handle-first, Bean was spared any laceration to her esophagus and stomach.  She still required an emergency operation to remove the knife, which surgeons performed that evening.  Said Dr. Mike Pavletic, head of Angell’s surgery department, “Bean is a very lucky dog because her size, and the position the knife was in when she swallowed it, minimized further damage to her throat and stomach.  She did very well throughout the surgery and we’re glad to see her recuperating at home.”



Bean soon headed home to recover where Sean and Jillian are keeping a much closer eye on her to avoid further trips to the animal emergency room.  Said Sean about the ordeal: “It’s obviously a very scary moment when you realize that your dog has consumed a knife.  I’m very thankful that the 24-7 emergency clinic at Angell was available when we needed it most.  Bean is a beloved member of our family and we’re just so glad to have her back home.”


For more information about Angell Animal Medical Center’s Emergency and Critical Care Services visit or call 617-522-7282.