It's "Majic"...

It's hard not to fall for "Majic" when you meet her. Big, furry, and affectionate, this 5-year-old female Burmese Mountain dog is simply irresistible.  So when her owner, Audra Lacey, realized something was wrong with Majic, she did all she could to get Majic the care she needed.

It started in August of 2013 when Majic came down with bacterial endocarditis, an infection that can affect the heart valves (valvular endocarditis) and then spread to the heart wall (mural endocarditis). Just as Majic was on the mend from this condition -- though a bit woozy from medication -- she fell head-first down a flight of stairs. Audra was horrified, and immediately sought help as Majic was unable to walk or stand with her back legs, collapsing each time she tried. After an MRI and further diagnosis, Audra and her husband Melvin learned that Majic's C6 and C7 vertabrae were compressing on her spine. On Monday, December 30, Angell Neurologist Allen Sisson, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Neurology) performed major surgery on Majic, inserting plates to relieve the pressure from her spine. While Majic was under anesthesia, Angell surgeon Mike Pavletic, DVM, DACVS removed a small mass from Majic's paw. With the spinal pressure relieved, within 24 hours, Majic was able to walk again.  Audra and Melvin were elated, and a week after the surgery, Audra returned to Angell for Majic's bandage change on her paw. Audra was pleased to report that Majic is walking and back to hanging out with her best friend "Chili," their Persian cat who dutifully slept with and "groomed" Majic throughout her ordeal.

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