If you are requesting a refill on an existing medication that has refills left on the prescription (the remaining number of refills is listed on the medical label), you may call the pharmacy directly at 617-522-7282 x 5340. Alternatively, you may order a refill online through Angell's Pet Portal. To register or access your Pet Portal account, please click here.

To request a refill on a medication that does not have any refills left on the prescription, please contact the Angell Oncology service at 617-541-5136 to discuss how your pet has been doing since its last visit. Please allow at least one business day to process your request. Prescriptions without refills cannot be filled on Sundays. Prescriptions may be picked up at the pharmacy or mailed to your home. There is a shipping charge to mail medications. Prescriptions for some medications may be called in to your local human pharmacy. 

Pharmacy Hours
Monday - Friday, 8am - 9pm
Saturday, 8am - 5pm
Sunday, 9am - 5pm