Angell Animal Medical Center Wraps Up Month of Free Eye Exams for Service Dogs

Angell's Ophthalmology team examined 26 service dogs in May as part of a national program to provide free eye exams, spearheaded by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO).  Angell ophthalmologists Dan Biros and Martin Coster—both board certified in veterinary ophthalmology—examined a variety of working dogs during the month, and in so doing reinforced Angell’s steadfast commitment to continuously give back to the community.


Service Dogs of All Stripes Flock to Angell

From Labradoodles to Golden Retrievers, a variety of service dogs benefited from the free exams.  The team examined 1 search and rescue dog, 1 police dog, 1 bomb detection dog, 18 guide dogs, and 5 “Therapy” dogs who perform various functions from comforting cancer patients at Boston Children’s Hospital, to participating in readings in Boston-area libraries and assisting people with Autism.  Several of the dogs also provide assistance to people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and other debilitating conditions.

Angell Animal Medical Center's Dr. Martin Coster with examined 3-year-old Labradoodle Waldo (left) and his brother Barney (right) who are both service dogs. Both dogs passed their exam with flying colors (Credit: Angell Animal Medical Center).


Fortunately, said Dr. Coster, most of the exams revealed the dogs to be in very good health: “We’re very glad to find that all of the dogs have generally excellent vision with no apparent eye disease.” 


The doctors credit the dogs’ caretakers for their excellent condition.  Said Dr. Biros, “These dogs are all in excellent physical condition and it’s clear they derive great satisfaction from the work they perform on a daily basis.  I’m very impressed with their caretakers’ ability and commitment to safeguard the dogs’ health and wellbeing.”


All dogs received a comprehensive ocular exam; the doctors checked for health issues spanning redness, squinting, cloudy corneas, retinal disease, early cataracts and other serious abnormalities.  Angell Animal Medical Center expects to continue participating in the national program as a way to give back to the Boston-area community, and reinforce just how crucial these dogs are for the people who rely on them.


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