Angell Ophthalmic Surgeon Restores Dog’s Vision

Bobo Sees Owner Following Two Years of Blindness

Bobo had been blind for two years before his sight was restored by Angell Ophthalmologist, Dr. Martin Coster. (Pictured: Bobo prior to surgery above and following surgery below)



Click here to watch a video of Bobo as he sees his owner for the first time in two years.

The video above captured an emotional moment as Bobo, a 12-year-old Chinese Crested, saw his owner for the first time in two years. Bobo, who lost his vision to cataracts, had his sight restored by Angell Animal Medical Center Ophthalmologist Dr. Martin Coster in 2010.

“Bobo has had a host of medical issues over the past several years, including diabetes, that postponed his cataract surgery,” said Dr. Coster. “Cataracts are quite common in older canines and there is a high success rate for sight recovery in certain candidates. Bobo should now be able to enjoy the sights as he goes for his walks and see the people that have been around him for the past few years.”

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 Bobo's owner is overjoyed as he sees her for the first time in two years.

 Bobo and his owner pose for a photo with Angell-Boston Ophthalmologist Dr. Martin Coster.