Anatomic/Clinical Pathology Services

 Angell Animal Medical Center
350 S. Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02130 Phone (617) 541-5014

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Angell is uniquely qualified to offer in-house clinical and anatomic pathology services.

Our board-certified staff pathologists provide diagnostic evaluation of cytology, biopsy, and necropsy specimens.  The pathology team incorporates clinical laboratory professionals who provide hematology, clinical chemistry, coagulation, urinalysis, microbiology, and parasitology diagnostic services to Angell veterinary specialists, interns, and residents.

Our histology laboratory has recently been renovated with updated histology processing and staining equipment.

Necropsy and Mail-in submissions: Our laboratory accepts mail-in submissions for necropsy, cytology, histopathology, and clinical pathology testing. For information regarding services offered, sample requirements, packaging and shipping biopsies, turnaround time, as well as background information about our laboratory and staff, please visit For specific questions or fee inquiries, please contact us at (617) 541-5014 or

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