Available Services

  • Necropsy and Mail-in submissions: Our laboratory accepts submissions for necropsy, cytology, histopathology, and clinical pathology testing. For information regarding services offered, sample requirements, packaging and shipping biopsies, turnaround time, as well as background information about our laboratory and staff, please visit www.angell.org/lab. For an updated fee schedule, please contact us at (617) 541-5014 or pathology@angell.org.


  • Staff pathologists are available to evaluate cytology, hematology, necropsy,* and biopsy specimens from Angell patients as well as mailed-in samples, and to consult on cases seven days a week.


  • High-quality clinical laboratory equipment includes automated hematology, clinical chemistry, coagulation, urinalysis and microbiology analyzers. In -house stat blood typing and cross matching capabilities support Angell’s blood transfusion program. The majority of tests are performed in house; some specialized tests are sent to other veterinary or medical reference laboratories.


  • Point-Of-Care instrumentation, including two NOVA Criticare Express® instruments, two osmometers and an Abaxis VSpro, provide 24 hour a day support for monitoring blood gas, osmolality, electrolytes, coagulation, clinical chemistry and co-oximetry in critically ill patients.