Sullivan: Putting the "Tri" in Triumph

 Sully playing at Castle Island

The Angell team first met Sullivan, now 13 years old, in the summer of 2012. After quite an ordeal, and the collaborative efforts of several Angell specialists and clinicians, we are thrilled that Sullivan ("Sully") is going strong and the subject of a new book Sullivan: Putting the Tri in Triumph (available at Amazon). Below is just a taste of Sullivan's experience as told by his human companion, Aislynn Rodeghiero. Sully's story is one of survival and bravery - a sentiment that can offer hope to those whose beloved pets are going through difficult medical situations.


 Sully after his amputation

In the summer of 2012, Sullivan came up lame while chasing his canine brothers in the yard. Trips to different vets and specialists yielded an inconclusive diagnosis. Neurological issues, torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), lyme disease and more were all on the table for potential diagnoses, but after countless attempts at pharmaceutical and holistic treatment, Sully's condition stayed the same and worsened. He was unable to bear weight on his left front leg and knuckled in order to walk. With hope waning, veterinarians suggested keeping him comfortable until he succumbed to the pain. This was not an option. We were referred to Angell, and the doctors/medical staff (namely Dr. Casale, Dr. Brum, Dr. Arendse, and Dr. Sisson) there saved his life.

 Sully (right) at the MSPCA-Angell's second annual "Run Fur Fun"

After extensive testing diagnostics, Sullivan was diagnosed with a cancerous nerve sheath tumor. The only treatment modality was amputation.

Sully had surgery in October, 2012.

Now a "tripawd," Sully's quality of life has increased leaps and bounds. He runs 5 miles a day, chases his canine brothers in the yard, is back to all of his old tricks, visits patients at Spaulding Rehabilitation, and is loving life.

Sully's book is a story of hope, love, courage, and inspiration. My little pup from rural Tennesse who I thought I was rescuing, ended up rescuing my heart and soul, and every day teaches me to never give up and to love above all else.

 Sully with his brothers Christmas morning 2013

- Aislynn Rodeghiero, M.Ed, MSW

Sullivan: Putting the Tri in Triumph (available at Amazon)

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