MSPCA-Angell West Opening in January 2014

The MSPCA-Angell is thrilled to announce that we will open a convenient new location in Waltham, MA in January 2014. Located at 293 Second Avenue off exit 26 of Route 128/I-95 (from the south) or exit 27b (from the north), this new facility will provide Emergency and Critical Care service as well as Surgery, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Avian and Exotic Medicine services for those seeking specialty care further west of the city. Our Emergency Service will be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week beginning in February (exact date TBD). In the coming months we look forward to adding services such as Neurology. We will also offer Animal Protection Services from our MSPCA-Angell West location including advocacy and public education campaigns; homeless animal adoption events; and animal cruelty investigations.

We will not offer general medicine/wellness services in Waltham as our referring veterinary partners in the area already do an excellent job of maintaining the general health and wellness of their clients’ pets. In addition, because our Waltham facility has very limited space for housing animals on a semi-permanent basis, we will not have an animal shelter at MSPCA-Angell West, but we plan to hold special adoption events—in which cats from The Cat Connection in Waltham and some animals sheltered at the MSPCA’s other shelters are brought to Waltham so that we can promote homeless animal adoption in the city. 

Integrated Technology
Hospital services at our Boston and Waltham locations will be completely integrated through shared technology so, for example, a patient radiograph taken in Waltham, can be interpreted by board-certified Angell radiologists in Boston.  We will also use Angell-Boston's Pathology Service and laboratory with board-certified clinical and anatomical pathologists interpreting test results and facilitating accurate, timely diagnoses. Technology will play a vital role in ensuring clients in Waltham experience the same high level of care and support that they would if they visited our location in Boston.

New and Familiar Faces
Our new location will be a mix of new doctors with specialty training as well as some of the longstanding Angell names that referring veterinarians and clients know and trust.  These doctors will rotate through MSPCA-Angell West during a portion of their weekly schedule. Whether in Boston or Waltham, our clinical team will have access to a full spectrum of Angell specialists, many of whom have served as clinical pioneers in their fields—developing new surgical techniques such as skin grafts or developing new and innovative therapies to help pets heal from injury and disease. We are bringing to MSPCA-Angell West resources from 15 specialty veterinary services fields, access to our full-service laboratory in Boston and a 100 year history of compassionate care.  

We look forward to showing you our new facility!   We will begin booking appointments for our Waltham location soon (please call 781-902-8400 in mid-January). In the meantime, to book an appointment in Boston, please call 617-522-7282 or dial our services directly using phone numbers listed at