2014 Weekly CE Seminar Schedule

All seminars are held on Friday between 8-9 a.m. in Angell's Munson-Blakely auditorium (first floor) at 350 South Huntington Ave., Boston, MA. Topics are presented by a senior staff member, a resident, an intern paired with a senior staff member, or occasionally, an outside guest speaker.

No registration or fee required. Coffee and bagels are served starting about 7:45 a.m.

PLEASE NOTE: 1 CE Credit (RACE approved) available for select Friday lectures as indicated below.

Last-minute changes in the Seminar Schedule are possible. Please call 617-541-5192 to check a topic of interest to you.

Date Lecture Topic Speaker
10/17/14 Focusing on Developments in Seizure Therapy  Benjamin Williams, DVM

Oral Metronomic Therapy
1 CE (RACE approved)

 Jennifer Mahoney, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
10/31/14 Classification of Canine Lymphoma: It’s not just one disease!”  Eliza Reiss, DVM
11/7/14 The Canine Athlete: common injuries and current therapies in canine sports medicine and rehabilitation  Janis Lapsley, DVM
11/14/14 The Pathophysiology of Pain  Annie Wayne, DVM
11/21/14 Empathy  Megan Whelan, DVM, DACVECC 
11/28/14 NO SEMINAR  

Peritoneal Hernias

 Matt Cleveland, DVM
12/12/14 Surgery Topic TBD  Daniel Frem, DVM
12/19/14 Topic TBD  Ashley Lockwood, DVM
12/26/14 NO SEMINAR