Clinical Studies

Clinical Study

 Primary Investigator


Evaluation of the veterinary peritoneal sepsis score as a model of risk stratification for dogs admitted with septic peritonitis;a multicenter study      

Dr. Sue Casale

Dr. Megan Whelan
Dr. Rebecca Remillard

Biochemical markers of prognosis in canine traumatic brain injury (TB)

Dr. Megan Whelan


The effects of hetastarch, human albumin and fresh frozen plasma on colloid osmotic pressure in critically ill dogs


Dr. Adam Lancaster

Dr. Megan Whelan
Dr. Patty Ewing

Evaluation of ECG abnormalities in feline acute pancreatitis

Dr. Rebecca Quinn

Dr. Nancy Laste
Dr. Rebecca Malakoff
Dr. Justin Williams

Red Cell Diameter Width as a Prognostic Indicator In Cats with Congestive Heart failures


Dr. Kursten Roderick


Dr. Lindsey Nielsen
Dr. Rebecca Quinn


Use of topical ophthalmic 0.5% megestrol acetate for the treatment of eosinophilic (proliferative) keratitis in cats – pilot study


Dr. Martin Coster



Outcomes in dogs with uncomplicated pneumonia treated with short course vs. standard course antibiotics

Dr. Megan Davis
Dr. Annie Wayne


Prospective, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 2 parallel groups, phase 3 study to compare efficacy and safety of masitinib to placebo in the treatment of grade 2 – 3 non-resectable mast cell tumors in dogs not previously treated by chemotherapy (other than corticosteroids) or radiotherapy.

Dr. Carrie Wood


Post-chemotherapy perforation in cats with a clinical diagnosis of intermediate or high grade Dr.Zachary Crouse
Palatability study for new flea/tick product (Nexgard)
Dr. Joel Kaye