from Neal Litvack,
President & CEO

2020 was the most challenging year in the storied history of the MSPCA-Angell, but still we rose to the occasion: sheltering, healing, and protecting more than 100,000 animals who are safer, healthier, and happier as a direct result of your support.

4069 Animals placed into
adoptive homes

The Gold Standard in Veterinary Medicine

Angell Animal Medical Center

Over one hundred top-flight veterinarians, working across the Angell Animal Medical Center network, provided life-saving, compassionate care to well over 100,000 beloved pets in 2020.

Angell Rising: Critical Care Unit Nearing Completion

Angell Rising: Critical Care Unit Nearing Completion

Thanks to your support, our all new, state-of-the-art Critical Care Unit (CCU) is set to be completed in 2021. This totally reconfigured space will encompass two floors and add significant treatment area square footage to keep pace with Angell's meteoric rise in caseload. Our CCU will make use of the very latest diagnostic and treatment technologies and cement Angell's reputation as the foremost 24-7 emergency and specialty hospital on the planet.

Physical Rehab to the Rescue for Sophie the Newfoundland

Physical Rehab to the Rescue for Sophie the Newfoundland

Sophie came to the MSPCA-Angell West with painful osteoarthritis affecting her hip, spine, and shoulders. Our team established two main goals for this adorable nine-year-old: reduce her pain, and increase her range of motion. She worked hard to achieve both goals! After weeks of therapeutic exercises, laser therapy, and swimming in the facility pool, Sophie's quality of life has significantly improved. That's an update we love!

Pets treated at Angell in Boston, Waltham, Nashoba, and Essex
Animals received life-saving emergency treatment at our veterinary hospitals and adoption center clinics
Life-saving vaccines administered to pets in need
Veterinarians delivered compassionate care to animals including dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits — and so many more

4,760 Discounted spay and neuter surgeries performed as a result of our Community Outreach team's efforts

Saving them all

Inside and Outside our Adoption Centers

We placed more than 4,000 animals into loving adoptive homes in the last year, despite COVID-19 forcing us to shift, virtually overnight, to an appointment-based pet adoption (and surrender) model. Our teams worked tirelessly to find a home for every animal in our care while meeting historic, unprecedented demand for pets. Our new affiliation with the Northeast Animal Shelter ensures we're able to relocate hundreds of pets from areas of the country where adoption prospects are bleak, to Massachusetts, where loving homes await!

One Million Meals Delivered to Pet Owners in Need

One Million Meals Delivered to Pet Owners in Need

Our Community Outreach team delivered over one million meals to food pantries and pet owners struggling through the worst of the pandemic's economic fallout. These subsidized meals meant the difference between an empty bowl and a full stomach for many a hungry dog and cat. We're well on our way to distributing two million meals to the people who need us most — and we'll keep going until no pet is in danger of going hungry.

Orphaned by Coronavirus, Chloe Finds Hope at the MSPCA

Orphaned by Coronavirus, Chloe Finds Hope at the MSPCA

The MSPCA became the temporary home for five-year-old Chloe after her owner died of complications from COVID-19. We showered this sweet and loving Chihuahua with TLC, and tended to a leg injury that had failed to heal properly, before placing her in a loving new home. Chloe was just one of dozens of pets surrendered to the MSPCA at the peak of the pandemic, when too many pet owners fell ill or were otherwise no longer able to provide for their pets.

People attended humane education programming, such as summer camps, junior volunteer programs, family service days, and reading programs
Dogs received private behavior consulting or completed training classes at our Boston, Methuen, and Waltham locations
Low-cost wellness, surgical, or acute medical care procedures performed at our Community Clinics based inside our adoption centers
Animals transported from St. Thomas, Georgia, Florida, and New Jersey as part of our new relocation program

34,168 Hours logged by 616 volunteers who helped care for animals in our adoption centers

Establishing and Enforcing Stronger Animal Protections

Passing robust, comprehensive animal protection laws, and ensuring compliance with those laws, are the cornerstone efforts of the MSPCA's Advocacy and Law Enforcement programs. These teams were busier than ever, ensuring every animal in Massachusetts is safe from harm and free from exploitation.

Advocacy Highlights

Law Enforcement Highlights

1,210,294 Dog and cat meals distributed
to families in need

Protecting the working animals of Morocco

The pandemic hit the American Fondouk's home base of Morocco just as hard as any other place in the world, but that didn't stop our team from working day and night to provide lifesaving care to the donkeys, mules, and horses who carry Morocco's economy on their backs, and on whom thousands of families depend.

We were called upon to save a traumatized mule.

At the height of the pandemic we were called upon to save a traumatized mule whose leg was cut so deep that our veterinary team could see his femur bone. It was all this mule could do to limp to the safety of our hospital, where we successfully treated him with sutures and lots of TLC.

We provided urgent care to thousands of working animals, which is only possible because of your enduring support of our mission

Despite the risk posed by the virus, the American Fondouk became a vital food distribution station as the pandemic tightened its grip, providing flour and oil to people in need. Simultaneously, we provided urgent care to thousands of working animals, a feat made possible by the enduring support of our mission.

Financial Report

Despite the overwhelming challenges faced in 2020, the MSPCA-Angell closed the year financially strong thanks to the generosity of our donors and steadfast commitment of our team.

Increased operating revenue by 12% or $8.1 million

Spent 90 percent of every dollar on programs that directly benefit animals and people

Received $5.7 million in bequests from donors who included the MSPCA-Angell in their estate planning

Granted $3 million in charitable veterinary care for abused and homeless animals, as well as to needy pet owners

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MSPCA-Angell in the News

Here's a sampling of the good that has come out of our work this past year.

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The MSPCA-Angell and Northeast Animal Shelter Continue Relief Efforts by Relocating 42 Dogs from Storm-Struck Texas to Massachusetts

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Homeless Puppies from Georgia Need Surgery to Mend "Broken Hearts" Before Loving Homes can be Found

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Getting the News Out

Raised through online peer-to-peer fundraising, social media, and TeamRaiser events, such as our virtual Fast and Furriest 5K run and our annual Spin for Animals event
People now follow MSPCA-Angell news on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
People received monthly MSPCA-Angell e-newsletters
Boston-area readers viewed our Angell print advertisements in local newspapers while another 175,000 viewed our digital ads
Supporters received the Companion newsletter, while thousands more accessed it online
Angell alumni read our Alumni Newsletter, and several hundred of these alumni remain active members of our Angell Animal Medical Center Alumni Facebook group
Referring, primary-care veterinary practices received our Partners in Care newsletter

Featured Donors

Louis Iandoli

Louis Iandoli

Louis Iandoli

Louis Iandoli, Ph.D., and Professor Emeritus at Bentley University, has been generously supporting our animal protection work since 2012. He has been a major sponsor of our annual Raise the Woof Gala and made a significant pledge to the Angell Centennial Campaign, which has helped revolutionize the technology, infrastructure, and treatment capabilities at Angell Animal Medical Center.

Louis' motivations for supporting the MSPCA come in many forms, including that of Sweet Pea, his Cockapoo and loyal friend for the last ten years. In fact, Louis credits Sweet Pea with fundamentally shifting his relationship to all animals—and all of nature—since coming into his life. Louis is especially grateful for the care Sweet Pea receives from Dr. Joel Kaye at Angell, who has been Sweet Pea's primary care doctor since 2012.

The care, support, and love Sweet Pea receives from Dr. Kaye and others—combined with the MSPCA's unwavering commitment to protecting all animals—keeps Louis engaged in our cause, and for that we are profoundly grateful.

Jennifer Eckert

Jennifer Eckert

Jennifer Eckert

Jen and her husband, Rich D'Amore, are longstanding champions of the MSPCA, particularly Angell Animal Medical Center, having given generously in support of the Angell Centennial Campaign as well as our annual gala and other events.

Their beloved Labrador, Roger, found a caring and helpful friend in Dr. Terri Bright. Roger was able to overcome anxiety and fear of abandonment through Dr. Bright's thoughtful, rewards-based training. Now, Roger works in a therapeutic setting, serving children and teens through Boston Post Adoption Resources–the organization that Jen has founded.

Jen, who serves on the MSPCA's Council of Overseers has also sought care from Dr. Maureen Carroll at Angell for the couples' other Lab, Willow, who began to suffer from age-related illnesses as she got older. The kindness and care with which Willow was treated is something the couple will never forget.

Ultimately, Jen's support of our work is motivated by her grandmother, who was a fierce advocate for all animals and who inspired Jen to devote so much of her own time and resources to ensure the safety and wellbeing of pets far and wide. We are grateful for Jen and Rich's continued support.

Pam Trefler

Pam Trefler

Pam Trefler

For longtime MSPCA-Angell supporter Pam Trefler, Angell Animal Medical Center has proved a lifesaver for her four dogs. Her beloved Apolo has had three major back surgeries performed at Angell, from which he is now fully recovered, with no loss of mobility. Pam credits Angell's 24-hour emergency service, and our world-class neurology team, for Apolo's remarkable turnaround.

The MSPCA is just as grateful to Pam—and to the Trefler foundation—for donating generously toward the building of our all new, state-of-the-art Critical Care Unit (CCU), the centerpiece of our $25 million Angell Centennial Campaign. The foundation has also given generously in 2020 to ensure we could successfully execute our mission during the COVID-19 crisis.

Stephen Traynor

Stephen Traynor

Stephen Traynor

Stephen Traynor was a lifelong friend of all animals. He carried milk bones in his pockets for dogs that he would meet during his work day. He had many dogs, horses, cats, and fish and they gave him endless joy. Phone conversations with Stephen were often interrupted with "who is such a good boy". Debriefs of his day often included an animal story. Stephen and his wife Ronney were delighted to be a part of the Angell community. Stephen believed in helping animals, the people that love them, and the people that are trained to care for them.

The Stephen G. Traynor Fund for Internship Development and Support at Angell was born of Stephen's soft spot for animals and his unrelenting commitment to helping people thrive at work and at home. The fund helps Angell Animal Medical Center interns pursue specialized training to advance their careers, as well as mental health counseling to navigate the stressful experiences they often encounter in their work.

We are profoundly grateful to Stephen, Ronney, and the Traynor family for all they have done for animals and people.


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