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Before you visit…

Equine and Farm Animal Adoption

For information about the adoption process for equine and farm animals, please click here.

Plan a Visit

Visit us during our open hours. Our selection of animals changes daily, so please visit us often to find your perfect match.

Some Requirements

Estimated Adoption Fees (and what’s included)

All adoptions include Adoption Counseling and Take Home Care Info in addition to the below. Please note that adoption fees for individual animals may vary depending on the needs of the animals.

Dogs and Puppies

Puppy (6 months of age and under): $500* adoption fee
Puppy (7 months to 1 year): $425** adoption fee
Adult Dog (older than 1 year- 9 years): $350 adoption fee
Senior Dog (9 years and older) $300 adoption fee

*includes enrollment in Puppy Play ‘N Learn training class
**includes enrollment in Basic Manners training class
*** in individual cases we may require a higher adoption fee to include training classes for individual dogs that we believe will benefit from training post adoption.

You will need to bring a collar and leash for your adopted dog, or purchase one at the Noble Family Adoption Center.

Cats and Kittens

Adult Cat (over 1 year): $150 adoption fee
Kitten (under 11 months): $250 adoption fee
Senior Cat (9 years and older): $50 adoption fee, thanks to the Ivan Smith Adoption Challenge
Adult Cat Pairs (11 months – 9 years): $200 adoption fee

You will need to bring a cat carrier for your adopted cat, or purchase one at the Noble Family Adoption Center


Single: $75 adoption fee
Pair: $125 adoption fee


Single: $90 adoption fee
Pair: $150 adoption fee


$50 adoption fee

Guinea pigs

Single: $30 adoption fee
Pair: $45 adoption fee

Small Mammals

(Mice, Rats, Gerbils, Hamsters, Degus)
$20 adoption fee

Birds & Exotics

Cockatiel, Conure, Lovebird, Parakeet, Finch, Canary, Dove, Cockatoo, Macaw, African Gray, lizards etc.
Adoption Fees Varies

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