Summer Camp Registration FAQ

How and when can I register my child for camp?
Registration opens each year on February 1st, and will be posted until all spots are filled. To register your child for our camp program, visit and submit an electronic registration. You will receive an email confirmation that your registration was received by our staff. A $25 nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of registration, and counts toward the total $350 tuition fee.

Can I register my child to attend multiple weeks of camp?
No. Each child may only be registered for one session, to ensure that we have spots available for everyone who wants to attend. The reason we offer multiple sessions for most grade levels is to allow for more flexibility when scheduling campers while filling as many spots as possible.

When is the final paperwork and payment due for camp?
Camper profile and payment is due no later than two weeks after you register for camp. Immunization records are due no later than May 1, 2016. Registrations that are incomplete are at risk of forfeiting their spot and losing their $25 deposit.

The MSPCA is a non-profit. Can I claim my tuition fee on my taxes?
While the MSPCA is a nonprofit, the IRS does not allow you to claim money paid to a nonprofit for a service as a charitable deduction. However, you may be able to claim the cost of camp as a child care deduction, or on your company’s flexible spending account for dependent care. We recommend consulting your accountant or HR department to check. Our tax ID is 042-103-597.

How do I change the week I am registered for?
It is not easy to accommodate schedule changes once a session sells out. Contact us by email at to change weeks, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can I register my child for a session that is not for his grade?
While we understand that some children are more mature than others, or that they may have a sibling or friend who is attending another session, we do not allow campers to register for sessions that are not for their grade. Our summer camp is very popular and allowing campers to attend sessions that they are not eligible for would likely mean that another child who is eligible for that session would be unable to attend.

I have registered my child for camp…now what?
You will receive an automatic response in your email inbox within 24 hours with additional information, including the paperwork we will need and how to pay your remaining tuition balance. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours, please contact our office to be sure it was processed. The required paperwork includes a copy of your child’s immunization history, and a Camper Profile . You should request a copy of your child’s immunization record as soon as possible (as it can take doctors’ offices up to two weeks to process such requests). If your child has an appointment to see the doctor after the due date, but prior to the start of camp please submit their immunization record before the deadline and submit an updated copy as it becomes available.

How do I pay for camp?
We prefer that people pay online, using a credit or debit card. After registration, you have two weeks to pay your remaining balance. If you would prefer to pay in person using cash, credit or debit, you may do so during our normal business hours. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CHECKS, we are regrettably unable to accept checks as payment for camp.

How do I submit my camp paperwork?
Camper Profiles and immunization records can be submitted by fax (617.989.1651), email (, snail mail (MSPCA at Nevins Farm, ATTN: SUMMER CAMP, 400 Broadway Methuen MA, 01844), or dropped off in person during normal business hours.

How do I apply for financial aid?
The MSPCA believes that all children deserve the opportunity to engage in meaningful humane education programs, despite financial hardships. While we make great efforts to offer financial assistance to families in need, our funds are limited and we may have to make tough decisions if our requests exceed our scholarships. We offer partial scholarships to families in need of financial assistance, typically offering to cover $175 of the camp tuition (half). After you register, you will receive an email response with directions for submitting your financial aid application online. You should have information handy, including your monthly household income, your rent/mortgage expenses, and any government programs for which you receive assistance. This is due at the same time that you register.

The session I wanted to register for is sold out; do you have a wait list?
Yes. Please email us to be added to the wait list.

What if I apply for financial aid and am denied? Do I get my $25 deposit back?
We will make an exception to our no refund policy on the registration fee for families who are denied financial aid. Financial aid is usually granted to anyone who receives help from government assistance programs. Families also have the opportunity to share with us any extenuating circumstances when submitting their application. Please keep in mind when applying that our funds are limited, and accepted on a rolling basis. We ask that families who can otherwise afford camp, but may need a payment plan, contact us directly to work something out.

What if I cannot afford the $175 reduced fee?
We may still be able to help, depending on funding and the number of financial aid requests received. Please contact our office directly before registering if you think you will need additional assistance.