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The Pain Medicine service at Angell Animal Medical Center offers treatment for companion animals with discomfort that negatively affects their quality of life, regardless of their primary diagnosis. Many of our patients have complex medical issues that complicate treatment for pain. Some owners seek help in accurately determining whether their animals are in pain and how much they are suffering. Additionally, some types of pain are under-recognized and/or incompletely treated by traditional medical care. Through careful consideration of our patients’ medical histories, and thorough discussion with their families, we work together with owners to formulate a treatment plan that best suits the individual needs of each pet and their household.

Most of our patients are nearing the end of their life and this service helps pet owners decide on comfort care measures even if surgery or an invasive treatment has been decided against. In these cases, we will spend much of our time with you assessing and reassessing your pet’s quality of life, as this is something that tends to wax and wane frequently as animals reach old age. The Pain Medicine service aims to serve these types of patients whose owners wish to provide comprehensive palliative care to address quality of life concerns.

willow-and-mosesCurrent evidence suggests that the most effective treatments for pain are derived from an interdisciplinary approach to the problem, since the pain can affect multiple body systems. Our service provides comprehensive diagnostic services for these patients since the source of their pain is often poorly understood. We are uniquely qualified to provide this kind of care because of the 13 additional specialties practiced at Angell. On-site specialists provide easy access to consulting advice. Pain is a unique process in each individual, so treatment plans must be tailored to each patient.

Treatment options include but are not limited to novel drug therapy and non-drug modalities of treatment, including medical acupuncture and mobility exercises. If you have questions about whether your pet and you would benefit from the services we provide, don’t hesitate to call or email us.


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The Pain Medicine service sees patients on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and has evening and daytime appointments.

Pain Medicine Team

Pain Medicine Team

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Our Services

  • Pain management consultation services for both  hospitalized patients and outpatients
  • Treatments for acute pain, peri-operative pain and chronic pain
  • Treatment of any companion animal species including avian and exotic patients
  • In cooperation with the Anesthesiology service, anesthesia/analgesia for high risk patients
  • Analgesia and mobility consultations for surgical patients (i.e. those having dental surgery or orthopedic surgery)
  • Specialized diagnostic services to help uncover difficult-to-diagnose pain, like myofascial pain, organ pain and neuropathic (nerve origin) pain.
  • Consultation with other Angell specialists as needed on a case-by-case basis
  • Multiple modalities of treatments including newer drug  therapies, nerve blocks and regional analgesia, myofascial treatments and acupuncture
  • Palliative and hospice care and end of life decision making
  • Follow-up of cases using scoring systems, photography and video to help document progress
  • For hospitalized patients in the CCU, trained volunteers of the Angell Comfort Care Program provide extra comfort and reassurance by petting, helping to feed, or just spending time with animals who are understandably anxious about being in the hospital
  • Limited acupuncture services for non-pain related problems such as neurological problems, nausea, poor appetite, constipation, or other medical conditions inadequately treated with conventional medical therapy
  • Continuing education for veterinarians and consultation service for veterinary hospitals