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Physical Rehabilitation Testimonials

Arthritis Due to Elbow Dysplasia

Working with Chris and her team has been a great experience for my dog Eddie and me. When we arrived at FlowDog, Eddie was suffering from pretty severe elbow arthritis, had limited mobility due to swollen joints, and during his flare ups would limp for days at a time. Since doing laser treatment and hydrotherapy Ed’s all-around health has improved. He’s lost weight which takes pressure off his joints, his joints aren’t as swollen, and when he does have a flare up, his time to recover is much faster.

Eddie is a quite a shy, quirky dog and the FlowDog team has been great in working with him and respecting his shy nature. Swimming in the pool gives him purpose (fetching balls) and clearly boosts his confidence. He always acts “proud of himself,” with tongue hanging out and tail wagging afterwards. He usually bounds up the stairs and into the house like a puppy dog when we get home…. then promptly crashes out from healthy exhaustion. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Chris, Sharon, Kara, and Rebecca, along with the interns, on a personal level as well and look forward to chatting with them every week while my boy swims!
– Melissa Carmichael & Eddie

Nonsurgical Treatment of Cruciate Tears

Last spring my 8-year-old chocolate Lab, Jackson, suddenly had difficulty getting up to standing and was unable to walk without significant pain. He was seen by two vets, one of which specialized in orthopedics, and surgery was recommended to repair partial cruciate tears in both of his knees. I decided to take the conservative route, and contacted FlowDog.
Jackson LOVES to swim!!! Once he began swimming, my poor, mopey, depressed pup’s mood improved dramatically, and over time, his ability to move steadily improved as well. When he first started at FlowDog, he was only able to walk about 50’ very slowly. He is now back to walking for about 45 min at a steady clip. Jackson loves going to FlowDog, and if I make the mistake of mentioning it to him before he gets in my car, I have to listen to him whine and bark the entire way there because he is so excited. Everyone there has been absolutely wonderful and very informative as well as caring. Bottom line….FlowDog is awesome!
– Kristin Forget & Jackson

From Stiff and Tight to Jumping on Couches

I discovered FlowDog in the summer of 2011. Nzingha, our 100-pound female Rhodesian Ridgeback, had just turned 6. She has an inherently compact body with very tight muscles. As she grew older, she had increasing difficulty going into a “sit” or “down” position. She used her stiff back legs together in a sort of “kangaroo hop” going up and down stairs, and required a ramp for the back of my SUV. Under treatment by a canine chiropractor from May 2010, Nzingha had gained some improvement in the mobility of her hindquarters.
A dog-trainer/friend told me about FlowDog. I thought swimming would help Nzingha, but she was equally terrified of getting into the lake or our backyard pool. In the rough-and-tumble play with our other two dogs, both energetic swimmers, Nzingha had been knocked into the pool a few times. In the water, she panicked, frantically slapping the water, upright, too frightened to move toward the stairs. I was concerned that she might drown absent a human to pull her to safety. When I first contacted FlowDog, my main concern was “Can you teach my dog to swim?”
Chris and her staff did indeed teach Nzhingha to swim. Over months of patient work, they coaxed her gradually from total reliance on a life vest to complete independence in the water. Although she would never check the “swimming” box as her favorite activity, Nzingha has become completely confident in the water and no longer runs the other way when invited into the pool.
Beyond swimming, it soon became apparent that FlowDog could help Nzingha in other ways. Therapeutic massage proved a very effective treatment for Nzhinga’s perpetual tightness. Over the past year, the combination of regular massages followed by ½ hour of swimming has transformed our Ridgeback into a very different dog.
Now approaching her 9th birthday, Nzingha is in the best shape of her life. She runs and plays energetically. She sits and downs and jumps onto beds (!) and couches with relative ease. She is more mellow, outgoing and relaxed around both the people and the other dogs in her life. In the process, she has formed a strong attachment to Chris and Kara, the two people who have been involved in her therapy from the beginning. When we arrive at FlowDog, Nzingha scarcely can contain her joy!
– Jo Froman & Nzingha

TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) Surgery

Chris has been working with our 6½-year-old female Leo on and off for the past 4 years. Rosie came to Chris after her first TPLO surgery and then a year later followed up with an extensive physical therapy regimen to help her recover from a second TPLO surgery. Now we’re back with arthritis and spinal issues. This includes manipulation, stretching, heat treatment, Cavalettis, swimming, and LOTS of love and treats.
Chris and her team at FlowDog are some of the most knowledgeable, compassionate, professional, and informative caregivers I know. Chris is my go-to person whenever I notice any differences in movement or behavior with Rosie. I can’t count the times that Chris has called me on an evening or weekend to check-in on Rosie’s condition or to share some insight that might better guide her doctor’s thinking.
– Stephen Weil & Rosie

Fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE)

My black Labrador Retriever, Tucker, first came to FlowDog in September 2011. He had experienced a traumatic spinal injury called a fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE) caused by a blood clot to the spine in 2008. The FCE resulted in paralysis of one of his rear legs.
After extensive physical therapy, he regained his ability to walk, and had improved to where he could walk for a mile a few days a week. But then we had a tough winter that limited his walking, and he lost some strength. By then, three years post-FCE, he was 12 years old. I wanted to rebuild his strength, because a 75-lb dog who cannot walk is more difficult to care for, so we came to FlowDog. We had met and worked briefly with Chris at the hospital when Tucker was recovering from his FCE, so I came to FlowDog with a high comfort level from the get-go.
Tucker loves to swim, and took to the FlowDog pool like a Lab to water. But it wasn’t just play; his time in the pool was closely tracked and his progress monitored so that he didn’t overdo the exercise. Chris and her helpers paid close attention to Tucker’s needs, which have increased as he has aged. He is now 14-1/2 with multiple health issues, and in the past 3 years we have weathered several medical crises. Throughout, FlowDog has been flexible and accommodating.
Because Chris is a physical therapist, she is a fabulous resource for all things rehab. She has given me exercises to do at home with Tucker, and both sold and fit a harness that helps me assist Tucker with standing up and walking. She has also given Tucker laser treatment to speed up healing of hot spots.
Tucker loves coming to FlowDog. Other than eating, it’s his favorite thing to do. When I ask him, “Do you want to go to FlowDog?” he raises his eyebrows and opens his eyes wide, as if to say, “Did you really say that?” When we pull into the parking lot, he is ready to go inside. I try not to arrive too early because he cries while in the waiting room, not wanting to wait his turn. He swims for short periods these days, but even then I notice that he is stronger and friskier for a few days afterwards.
Tucker’s visits to FlowDog have improved his quality of life tremendously both physically and emotionally. In the past year, as his health has declined, there have been many weeks where the only time he has smiled is when retrieving a dumbbell in the pool.
-Judy Wolff & Tucker

Building Confidence through Swimming

We initially decided to bring Brady, our Cocker Spaniel, to FlowDog for exercise. An additional benefit has turned out to be the amazing transformation we have seen in Brady from the time he was a swimming puppy to now as an adult. Swimming at FlowDog has raised his confidence and has helped him become more outgoing.
When we arrive at FlowDog, Brady knows instantly where we are and reacts like we are at Disney World. The staff at FlowDog is very friendly and takes a personal interest in Brady. They help make each of Brady’s swims the best that they can be by customizing them for him. Fortunately, Brady does not have any pain issues at this point in his life but I feel really good knowing that if he develops such issues with age, he is already familiar with water and FlowDog will be there for us for therapy. Brady gives FlowDog his paw of approval.
– Elaine Alden & Brady

Spinal Injury and Age-Related Mobility Issues

Austin has been coming to FlowDog for almost 2 years. He had twisted his lower spine and was having more difficulty getting up and down stairs. Since Austin weighs 100 pounds and I live on the 2nd floor I was very worried.
My first impression of FlowDog was how dedicated and knowledgeable Chris and her staff are. Chris did a thorough evaluation of Austin and gave me several suggestions for things that I could do for him at home (massage, exercises, etc.) We started coming for PT and swimming once a week. At first Austin was hesitant to get in the pool. Even though he loves to swim he would try to “escape” from the pool at every opportunity. Over time he has become so comfortable that he swims until his time is up. The way he tackles the balance board and BOSU ball during his physical therapy never ceases to amaze me.
Austin has gained an amazing confidence level from coming to FlowDog. With all the snow we had this past winter I wondered how I would get him over the high snow banks during our walks. I was so pleasantly surprised and thankful when I watched him plow through the snow like he plows through his obstacle courses in PT. I truly do not know what Austin would physically be able to do if he did not have FlowDog. Although we now use a harness to assist going up and down the stairs, Austin continues to chase after sticks and squirrels and have a fabulous life. We both look forward to his sessions at FlowDog.
– Karen Branch & Austin

Weight Loss and Conditioning

About 2 years ago, Bosley, my nine-year-old terrier-poodle had to have surgery to remove his salivary glands. After his recovery period, he did not jump or play any more and struggled with walking around, while he slept most of the day. He would wait to be carried. It was obvious he wasn’t happy, and he gained weight. He seemed to be aging at an alarming rate, and I worried that he was not going to make it.
A year ago, I hit the Internet trying to find a solution and found FlowDog. As a self-proclaimed “nervous mother,” I was naturally scared introducing him to the water or hurting him more. Immediately, Chris and Kara took loving care of him while acclimating to the water. They also took amazing care of me, and gradually built both of our confidences and enthusiasm. As each week went by, Bosley would do better in the pool, very obviously loving his swim time, and most especially loving Kara, who works with him routinely.
The results have been miraculous. Not only has he lost 3+ pounds, he now runs, jumps, and plays like he was a puppy again. His muscle tone and strength have improved greatly. When I ask him if he is ready for swim he truly gets excited.
I can’t begin to thank everyone at FlowDog enough because their program and kindness have returned my Bosley to me, while improving his quality of life, and no doubt adding years to his life in the process.
– Cara Moran & Bosley

Treating Body and Soul

I have had three dogs benefit from the services provided by FlowDog. My former dog Kita, who had neurological issues, benefited from the swim sessions for physical conditioning, maintaining hind leg coordination and strength, and maintaining good quality of life
Tali, now elderly, has benefited from the swim sessions for maintaining muscle tone, loosening stiff, sore muscles and arthritic joints, as well as enjoying interaction with staff members. She has improved tremendously from laser treatments for pain and discomfort. With her recent sudden onset of blindness, the patient and skilled staff is helping her regain her confidence to swim again.
My other dog Spyker, now also older, started with swim sessions to help strengthen his body and to build his self-esteem. Currently he has spinal issues such as spondylosis, disc degeneration, and disc problems in his neck. The staff has developed innovative methods to handle him in the pool in order to maximize use of his hind legs and avoid stress and strain on his spine and/or neck.
On approach to the facility each dog has expressed great anticipation and upon departure each has expressed total satisfaction and contentment. FlowDog treats not only the dog’s body but also their soul.
– Jan Robbins & Kita, Tali & Spyker

Improved Mobility and Energy with Arthritis

From Holly: FlowDog day is my favorite day of the week. I get smothered with love the minute I walk in the door. Then it is playtime! I do obstacle courses and other games with the FlowDog team. Then treats. After that I get massaged and stretched. (More treats!) Then swimming after a tennis ball. Heaven! And did I mention treats? I love it here.

Little does Holly know that her routine has been tailored specifically for her by Chris to increase her flexibility and muscle mass. Otherwise, Holly might have faced surgery. People are astonished at Holly’s increased mobility and energy. She looks three years younger.
It is not only the great results, but also the pleasure we both derive from our Flow Dog experience. The whole team treats us like members of an extended family. We always get very focused care and attention. And we always have fun. FlowDog is my favorite day of the week too!
– Kathy Burdon & Holly

Cat Regains Use of Leg

We recently rescued a young cat, Fizz, who was abandoned and seriously injured. After 6 hours of reconstructive surgery to repair multiple fractures in her pelvis and both legs, Fizz was just starting the recovery process. After some time had passed and she still had no use of one of her legs, our veterinarian recommended both laser and physical therapy. He did not have high expectations, forewarning us that Fizz may never gain the use of her leg, which could result in the need for amputation.
We then were referred to Chris Cranston and her incredible staff at FlowDog! They worked passionately and tirelessly, trying to get Fizz up and walking. Chris was dedicated to our cat’s recovery, researching and trying to find new devices to stabilize Fizz’s leg so she could use it. Chris never gave up, always patient with Fizz’s frequent uncooperative behavior.
FlowDog’s passion and dedication paid off. After approximately three months of therapy sessions with Chris and her staff, Fizz regained almost full use of her leg and was up and running.
Fizz is now getting to live the life that looked to be impossible before her therapy with FlowDog. I cannot say enough great things about Chris Cranston and the entire staff at FlowDog.
– Jodi Ferullo and Family

Maximizing Quality of Life

Freeman started going to FlowDog just for preventive care. He’s a big dog and was getting older, so we thought some swimming would be a great, low-impact activity for his old joints. Now he’s 16+ years and going strong, and we certainly attribute this in large measure to the care he receives at FlowDog. Five years into his work with Chris and her team, he swims twice/week and gets PT once/week, and occasionally attends special sessions like massage therapy or acupuncture. We’re so grateful to FlowDog for their work with Freeman, and we truly can see the difference his treatments make. As an old guy, he has a variety of aches and conditions to be managed. Chris and her staff really pay attention to what’s going on with him and adapt accordingly.
His back legs are extra wobbly one day? They get the muscles and nerves firing again. He’s feeling especially saucy and energetic? They entice him to work a bit harder through play. He’s feeling tired in the pool? He enjoys extra massage and rest time while still being encouraged to get in some laps.
Freeman loves his FlowDog time and the team. PT isn’t always his favorite, but he loves swimming – barks from the moment we walk in the door until the minute we get him in the pool. Along with all of the benefits to Freeman, his health and his engagement, we also so appreciate how much the FlowDog team loves him and the extra steps they take to care for him. They walk us through techniques to do at home. They’ve come in early, stayed late and juggled schedules to accommodate him. Birthdays are always celebrated. They’re our best partners in making sure that our beloved Freeman is with us for a very long time.
– Susan Sherwin & Freeman

Neck Pain & Overcoming Fear of Water

We first brought our dogs, Chihuahua mix Buddy and Boston Terrier Wally, to Chris and her team at FlowDog with the hopes of addressing Buddy’s neck/spine issues and Wally’s fear of water. We didn’t have super-high expectations going in, as Buddy had gone through major surgery and couldn’t walk very far, and Wally had always been so fearful of the water, he even avoided puddles!
After our first swim with Chris and her team, we were shocked! Buddy amazed us with how much better he felt even after his first swim, and grew so much stronger over the next few sessions! And even though sometimes he decides he’d rather take a leisurely float in the nice warm pool, Chris and her team always get him going somehow! Wally grew to greatly trust Chris and her team, and is now swimming nonstop through his sessions! We were so impressed with how patient and skilled Chris was with getting Wally to trust the water in just our first couple of sessions. The team at FlowDog has always taken great care to make sure both our pups are comfortable and calm in the water. And now Wally loves working in the jets for those treats at the end of the pool!
Chris and Kara, who have worked with our dogs the most, are so patient and loving with Wally and Buddy, and we have seen such wonderful results because of them! Buddy now walks so much more confidently, you can just tell he feels so much stronger overall – he’s our little explorer, and loves to wander the woods with us and “leap” over the smallest of sticks laying across his path. And if we ever come in with a neck sensitivity issue with Buddy, Chris and Kara are both always so careful to accommodate him and make him feel better. We took Wally to the beach this past summer, and he loved running in and out of the waves – we’ve never seen him happier, and you could tell he didn’t view water as such a scary thing anymore!
All four of us so look forward to attending our sessions at FlowDog every other week – when we get out the leashes and say “Want to go swimming with Chris and Kara?” they go bonkers!! They’re always so happy to see everyone on the FlowDog team, love giving them kisses, and always sleep soundly after their swim! And we as doggy “parents” have loved watching Wally and Buddy progress as swimmers – we always end up learning so much, and we all have so much fun with the FlowDog team! We can’t wait for our next visit!
– Greg and Regina Picariello & Buddy and Wally

Hind Limb Lameness

– Susan Sherwin & Freeman

Neck Pain & Overcoming Fear of Water

We have been coming to FlowDog since September 2013 for physical therapy with our dog Skylar…the love and life of our family! She hurt her leg in September, and we were back and forth to the Emergency Vets having x-rays and even an MRI. We could not find anything right away that would have caused this and they suggested that we try PT for Skylar. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Chris and her staff at FlowDog. When Skylar first went there, she could not stand for more than a few seconds before collapsing to the floor…at 5 years of age and the most loveable dog ever, we had to help her. Coming to FlowDog, was the answer to getting her better, up and walking again.
Skylar started off with her PT slowly with cold laser therapy and then balancing on some of their equipment. Within a few weeks, she was able to do 10 minutes on the treadmill with a 15% incline, which is hard to do. I know that for Skylar and myself and my family, we are very grateful for all the help, love and support we have found at FlowDog. To be perfectly honest, before we go to PT now, I say to Skylar, “Do you want to go see Chris?” She is right at the front door and ready to go to her PT appointment every week.
After a little setback about a month ago, Skylar has had aqua therapy added to her PT and she is a pro and absolutely loves it!!
We thank Chris and her staff for all the love and care they give to Skylar and all their other clients…we are all very lucky to be in such great care!!
– Marie Tsacogianis & Skylar

Agility Athlete with Hip Dysplasia and Arthritis

Whether human or canine, athletes get injured. So when my agility partner, Max (a Siberian Husky), got hurt, there was no question that I would seek the best treatment possible. Compounding the iliopsoas injury was the fact that Max also has hip dysplasia (which led to early-onset arthritis). Presented with options ranging from do nothing to surgery, I chose to go with Chris Cranston’s recommendation of a combination of laser treatment, physical therapy, and swimming at FlowDog. I have no doubt that this was the right choice.
Max loooves going to FlowDog. Laser treatments have helped his injury heal faster, and it also seems to alleviate the arthritis pain. Physical therapy has increased his range of motion and strength. Swimming (his favorite part) has kept him fit during the course of his recovery. Max adores the FlowDog staff – and why not…when he’s the center of attention every time he visits!
For months after he got injured, Max would look at the sofa longingly, but he would refuse help getting on it. I was thinking it may be time to get a ramp. Then one day I came home to find him on the sofa, looking smug. Obviously, this is due to Chris and her staff’s work at FlowDog. I guess the ramp can wait. And Max and I will be back on the agility course shortly.
– Joice Himawan & Max

Nerve Issues Due to Aging (Polyneuropathy)

We started visiting FlowDog over two years ago at the recommendation of our Vet after my dog Duncan was diagnosed with polyneuropathy, a deterioration of the nerves in his hind legs. There wasn’t anything we could do medically, so we hoped that physical therapy would at least slow the progression of the loss of the nerves. I believe it has done that and more. His increased strength and balance shows in his ability to recover when he does inevitably stumble.
The staff at FlowDog is fantastic and Chris Cranston is so knowledgeable and loving. My dog loves the challenge (and the treats) of the physical work, and then literally falls asleep during the massage portion of his visit. Although Duncan is approaching 13 years old, he’s hung in there much longer than we had hoped. His quality of life is still good, and I believe, made better by his visits to FlowDog.
– Brenda Sullivan & Duncan

Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO)

When our Sheltie puppy was just 10 months old I noticed she wouldn’t follow me upstairs to bed or downstairs to do laundry. She was laying down one day and peed without getting up. I knew at that point something was seriously wrong with her. When I took her to the Vet they thought she might have Leg Perthes disease, which means the head of her femur started to deteriorate. They did x-rays to make a final diagnosis, but what they found was bilateral hip dysplasia.
Maisy had Femoral Head Ostectomy surgery on her right side within two days of her diagnosis. The surgery was on July 5, 2013. I really thought she would be a miracle dog, using her leg right after her surgery and not have any complications because she was just a baby. That didn’t happen. Six weeks went by and she still was not weight bearing on her leg and was having a hard time positioning herself to go to the bathroom. No stairs, no tug of war with her brother. She was definitely depressed.
I decided to try pet physical therapy because what I was doing at home was not working…and believe me, I was doing everything the veterinarian was telling me to do and I was completely dedicated to getting her better. When I went to FlowDog I wasn’t sure what to expect but was hoping for a miracle. Chris would massage Maisy, do laser therapy on her and stretch her out. I was given certain exercises to do on Maisy each time we went.
Soon Maisy started swimming! She did not love this part but she sucked it up like a trooper and got to be really good at it. Maisy always had Chris and Kara when she had an appointment and they treated her like she was their own dog. Maisy is a little on the shy side so she always seemed a little stunned when Chris would kiss her. She got used to it, though, and Maisy was especially excited when Chris, Kara and Sharon sang Happy Birthday to her on her First Birthday.
As the weeks passed, Maisy got stronger and stronger and we could not have been happier with the results we have had. Maisy will jump at the door to go out now which she hadn’t done in a long time and she is just a happier dog. She runs and plays with our three kids, plays tug of war with our other Sheltie and she loves playing with our two new kittens. I don’t think we would have had these great results if we hadn’t come to FlowDog.
Maisy was discharged after about three and a half months of physical therapy and I have to say I was sad that I wouldn’t be going to FlowDog anymore. I really enjoyed Chris and Kara’s company. I used to tell them that it was as much my therapy as Maisy’s.
– Amy Jellison & Maisy

Fitness and Conditioning for Back and Hip Issues

When Roxanne, our 5-year old German Shepherd, was diagnosed with potential early signs of dysplasia, it was an easy decision to bring her FlowDog, a course of action recommended by Dr. Kaye of Angell who has been her vet since puppyhood. Our Rhodesian Ridgeback had been a client since 2011 and I was familiar with the massage therapy and swim routine. What I didn’t know was that Roxanne would be helped through a very different therapeutic approach in which she would be a highly active participant. Within just a few months, we began to see significant improvement.
For each visit, Chris and her staff set up a course of gymnastic challenges for Roxanne, which are designed to strengthen her hips and hind legs and improve her balance. She begins her session with time on a treadmill, then goes through an obstacle course – unique to each session – which has her stepping over jumps, crawling through tunnels and balancing on a diverse set of squishy objects. This is followed by five to ten minutes of massage with therapeutic laser, and then a 30-minute swim. Taken together this has been a very effective regimen for her. Dr. Kaye remarked during Roxanne’s annual physical in March (2014) that she had improved noticeably since he saw her last fall.
Roxanne looks forward to her sessions. Once hesitant about some of the obstacle and balance tasks confronting her, she now cooperates with enthusiasm. She has become more settled and secure with her therapists, less distracted when going through her exercises. A true German Shepherd, Roxanne loves having jobs to do, and the design of her therapy responds to this need. It works for her. She is an enthusiastic swimmer and loves to retrieve the objects thrown to the opposite end of the pool. FlowDog has been able to achieve something I’ve never mastered – getting her to let go of the toy in her mouth. Her ½ hour swim is especially effective because she virtually never stops swimming up and down during the entire session. Like her housemate, Nzingha, Roxanne can’t wait to get inside when I pull into the FlowDog parking lot.
I feel fortunate indeed to have access to FlowDog. It has been a godsend for both of my dogs. Chris is a consummate professional who has a deep base of knowledge and experience. All of the therapists who work with her share her commitment to thoughtful care. My dogs love them! I can say with confidence that FlowDog has already made a positive difference in their quality of life, but I believe that the biggest payoff will come as Nzingha and Roxanne age with greater mobility and health as a result of their time with Chris and her companions.
– Jo Froman & Roxanne

Helping Casey Have a Great Old Age

We were trying to figure out how to help our beloved Lab with pain management, wanting to keep him as active and comfortable as possible in his dotage. We were looking into the various alternatives when we came across FlowDog. We figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try, certainly couldn’t go wrong with weekly therapy and swimming.
He loves going to FlowDog. The whining starts when we turn off Trapelo Road, and he surges out of the car to leave his mark before racing down the ramp, announcing his arrival with his hoarse “Whoof.” He will do the agility training for food, truly enjoys the massage/low level laser, but the swim is the big payoff. Does he ever love to swim! This whole experience seems to have given him a new lease on life. He appears to be more comfortable, and has the old sparkle about him. Before coming to FlowDog, he was wobbly on his feet. Not so much now. We wish we could make him young again but FlowDog is doing the next best thing: helping him have a great old age.
– Haydie and Tom Callaghan & Casey

Conditioning and Mental Stimulation

I’ve been bringing my Border Collie, Shale, to FlowDog weekly for swimming since since she’s been just under a year old. Close to 4 years later we both could not be happier! While many pet guardians bring their charges to FlowDog to rehabilitate an injury post surgery or to work to avoid surgery, I bring Shale to FlowDog for physical exercise, conditioning and mental stimulation. Swimming is an excellent non-impact exercise for an energetic dog and one my active dog truly enjoys. Swimming in the pool while retrieving her favorite water toy–it is easy to see how much she absolutely enjoys her swims. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and both canines and people feel very comfortable and welcome. I also like how FlowDog tailors swims to each individual dogs needs, and fitness level. My dog, for example, is a very strong swimmer who can utilize the resistance jets in the pool to make her swim more challenging and a harder physical workout which for my dog is great.
The staff at FlowDog are excellent and work diligently to make your visit wonderful whether you are there to exercise your dog or to consult on short-term treatment options. I am impressed with facilities’ cleanliness, vast array of dog products offered for sale from toys to mobility aids and by the knowledgeable practitioners onsite.
I could not be happier that I found FlowDog! If you are looking for an amazing, unique and fun place to exercise your dog, check out FlowDog. They are not only offer canine physical rehabilitation but also a fantastic option for physical fitness for dogs of all levels from the most high level performance athlete to the pet dog who needs more regular exercise.
– Karen Bernstein & Shale

Spinal Surgery

We are the proud owners of a long-haired mini-dachshund named Diggity. When Diggy (as she is fondly known) turned eight years old, she threw a disc in her back caused by a malady very common to dachshunds. This injury affected her ability to use her back legs. In September of 2012, she went down and couldn’t get back up. We took her to our vet, who recommended that we take her to Angell Memorial Animal Hospital. They were not sure whether Diggy would ever walk again at that time. However, she is intrepid, and after her operation, she was walking within a week with a slight limp. Our vet then recommended FlowDog to us to assist in her recovery.
Someone upstairs was looking out for Diggy because we took that suggestion and it was the best thing we ever could have done for her. What an incredible experience! Swimming is the one exercise that is easy on the back and exercises her legs. She took to swimming right away and was also receiving physical therapy at FlowDog.
Six months later, disaster struck – she went down for the second time. This operation was more extensive, though again she recovered and was walking again within a week of her surgery. We went right back to FlowDog. Once again, she received their loving and expert physical therapy and started to swim again. Our vet told us that had she not been swimming, she probably would not have made it through the second surgery without permanent damage.
I cannot say enough about the fabulous, kind, wonderful staff and, especially Chris. She literally held our hands and walked us through this whole experience! Now Diggy swims every week and is back to her everyday activities. All we can say is “Thank You, FlowDog!” You have given us back our beloved Diggy! Recommend them? – you bet!! Just ask Diggy, who is now ten years old and swims every week.
– Jeanne and Michael Collins & Diggity


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