Cape Cod Dog Training

New! Our family friendly classes are structured using evidence-based methods of training to ensure an effective and enjoyable learning experience for you and your dog.

Your support of the dog training program at MSPCA Cape Cod not only helps you and your pet, but also helps the thousands of animals we care for each year.  Thank you!


       Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Manners

A class designed for owners and their dogs aged 5 months and older. Our focus will be to provide you with information about how to train your dog in the basic behaviors that make him or her a well loved and enjoyed companion.

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Want to concentrate on a specific skill? Three week mini-sessions focus on one skill to teach you how to perfect your dog’s loose-leash walking, polite greetings or recall (come-when-called).

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Teen Puppy

A class designed just for puppies aged 4-7 months, this class addresses common “teenager” issues while featuring fun foundation exercises that teach pups to be better-behaved.

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Cool It!

Does your dog get over-excited and out-of-control? This 4-week class will help you teach your dog to be calmer and take excitement in stride.

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Private Training

Private lessons are a great way to get an introduction to clicker training or receive one-on-one coaching to make progress with behaviors like coming when called, settling down, greeting visitors nicely or walking on a loose leash. Please contact the office prior to selecting this option for your first session: or 508-815-5324.

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* Full Classes & Wait Lists *

If you would like to be added to a ‘Wait List’ in the event that a full class has a cancellation, please complete your registration and then email the office at to indicate the class you are interested in being added to the wait list for. Please be sure to include daytime phone numbers as we may need to reach you last minute.

Important Information:

We require any dog attending class to be free from contagious disease and parasites and current on all vaccines per their veterinarian’s recommendation. Dogs over the age of 6 months must have a current rabies vaccination. Should your dog show symptoms of illness (such as coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme lethargy or lack of appetite) within 48 hours of your class, please leave him/her at home to avoid spreading anything to your classmates’ dogs. Even if your dog is unable to attend class, you can still come to see the material presented and potentially ‘borrow’ the Instructor’s demo dog. This will allow you to keep up with the exercises and jump right back in once your dog is feeling better.


“Orbit improved week by week and even did things we could never get him to do alone, such as the ‘down’ command and simply settling in a busy environment! The manners class through the MSPCA has helped us tremendously in getting Orbit through his crazy puppy stages. We have a great base of knowledge to continue his training at home.”

– Jen & Jason

**Message from the Training Coordinators**

Thank you for considering the MSPCA to help you accomplish your dog training goals. If you did not find the class you hoped for on this site, please contact us to let us know what you would like to learn with your dog. Our goal is to help you have fun while learning with your dog and we are happy to add new classes or bring back past ones based on the demand from our students.

For more information:

Phone: 508-775-0940 x 3248


Training Office Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sunday – Monday: Office Closed


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