Send Us Your Feed Tags and UPC Codes • MSPCA-Angell

Send Us Your Feed Tags and UPC Codes

Drop clipped tags or codes off (from the qualified lists below) at the MSPCA barn office or mail to:

MSPCA at Nevins Farm Equine Center
400 Broadway
Methuen, MA 01844

Download a flyer for your barn or tack shop now!

Do you use Nutrena feed?

Help our horses simply by sending us the feed tags clipped from each bag. Nutrena will donate money to the MSPCA's Equine Center for each feed tag submitted! Included in the program are the following Nutrena products:

  • Life Design
  • Safe Choice
  • High Fat Performance Pellet
  • Stock & Stable
  • Cargill Milk Plus
  • Vitality
  • LiteBalance
  • Empower
  • NW Stretch Hay Extender
  • Dairyway/Dairy Focus Feeds
  • Legacy
  • XTN
  • Triumph Horse Feeds
  • Naturewise Farmstore Feeds
  • All Other Nutrena Grain Products

For questions about this program, please contact the Barn Staff at (978) 687-7453, press 8, followed by ext. 6113, or email us at

Special Thanks To:

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