Spike’s Fund Successes

Spike’s Fund helps the MSPCA-Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center provide emergency medical treatment for homeless animals in need.

Each day animals who need emergency treatment come to the MSPCA: animals who were hit by cars, subjects of animal abuse, or surrendered by owners who could no longer afford the medical care they needed.

The pictures and stories below are just a few of the animals who have been helped through Spike’s Fund.

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Shivers was brought into the MSPCA-Angell in January in the middle of an intense ice storm. Our staff immediately realized that she was suffering from severe frostbite on her paws. Once she was treated by the MSPCA-Angell and had healed, Shivers was adopted by a volunteer who had fallen in love with the beautiful cat during her stay at the MSPCA.

Clark, Chaz and Colonel

Spikes-ClarkChazColonelClark, Chaz and Colonel were part of a transport of over a dozen dogs brought to Massachusetts illegally. By the time they reached Massachusetts from the South, they were severly deyhdrated and extremely lethargic. After receiving emergency treatment to stabilize their condition, it was discovered they all had Parvovirus, a potentially fatal virus. They were treated at the MSPCA and were taken care of through our foster care network until they had cleared the virus. Chaz, Clark, and Colonel were all successfully adopted along with 12 other puppies into wonderful homes!

Exotic Cats Rescued by MSPCA Law Enforcement

Spikes-ExoticCatsSeveral dozen Persian and exotic short hair cats were seized by the MSPCA Law Enforcement Department. The cats were infected with Ringworm, a zoonotic fungus that causes hair loss and skin lesions. They were treated with a oral medication and twice a week medicated baths until they cleared their infection. Once they were all healthy, the beautiful cats were adopted into wonderful homes.


Spikes-CocoaCocoa came to the MSPCA with a severe case of demodectic mange along with a secondary infection that led to painful oozing and raw lesions. After several weeks of treatment on several different medications, Cocoa was adopted by a family that fell in love with her sweet nature and her complete desire to be with a human family. Her adoptive family continued her treatment and now she has all her fur back and is beautiful on the inside and outside once again!


Spikes-DinoDino was surrendered to the MSPCA after being hit by a snow plow during a severe winter storm. Dino had two broken legs and was in a lot of pain. He received treatment at the MSPCA-Angell and then was in foster care for several months while he recovered from his injuries. While Dino was recuperating in foster care, he was visited by a potential adopter who immedicately fell in love. His adoptive family visited him each week until he was well enough to go home. He now has a wonderful life with three beagle siblings to keep him company and loves to sail!


ElmaTiny Elma came to the MSPCA with the bottom half of her body covered in glue. Her tail was stuck to her stomach, making it difficult to go to the bathroom without covering herself in feces and urine. The veterinary team worked for hours to carefully wash off the glue and provided daily baths to Elma until she no longer had a bit of glue left! The beautiful kitten was soon adopted and now lives happily with her adoptive family.


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