How You Can Help (The 3 R’s)

Incorporate the three R’s (refinement, replacement, and reduction) into your life:



Grocery stores now have a large assortment of delicious products to replace those traditionally obtained from animals who are intensively confined. These vegetarian and vegan alternatives include veggie burgers, non-dairy milk, tofu, tempeh, and even fake chicken fingers and sandwich meat. You can find many of these items in the freezer section of your local grocery store.


Reducing our consumption of animal products is the ultimate way to reduce animal suffering. Check out animal-free recipes and try starting a Meatless Monday policy in your household today. It is now more easy than ever to be vegetarian/vegan – learn more about taking steps to transition to an animal-free lifestyle!

Individual choices can make a difference in the lives of animals. Did you know:


More and more producers are raising animals in more natural settings, allowing animals fresh air and more room to perform natural behaviors. Refining your diet by choosing products from humanely raised animals instead of conventional products from intensive farm operations helps ensure animals live a better life. Click here for information on where to find animal products from farms that have higher standards of care for animals. Read an article in the Boston Globe on the growing trend of obtaining food from local farms.

Here are some ways to refine your diet for different types of animal products:

The emerging field of cultured meat, or meat that is grown in a lab, is a revolutionary new way to think of refining your diet. Rather than slaughtering an animal, cultured meat can be grown from just a few animal tissue cells. Read this Washington Post article for more information, and be on the lookout for these innovative, clean, and humane meat products as soon as 2018!

Find food raised under certain standards:

Find out about certification programs that set standards for the care of farm animals raised for food and require inspections by third-parties to ensure these standards are being met. Find where to buy these more humane products here.

Support legislative action:

According to The U.S. Department of Agriculture, over 9 billion land animals are slaughtered each year for their meat, eggs and milk (this number does not include fish and seafood consumption). No federal laws protect farm animals from cruelty and most states exempt farm animals from their animal cruelty statutes.

Some progress has been made to outlaw three types of housing systems in factory farming – veal crates for male dairy calves, gestation crates that house pigs, and battery cages that house hens used for egg production. Massachusetts recently became one of the few states to prohibit these production methods, and the sale of products made from animals raised using the production methods, with the passing of Ballot Question 3 in 2016. Learn more about the ballot question and the MSPCA’s involvement.

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Learn about farm animals at the MSPCA:

Learn more about Nevins Farm Animal Care and Adoption Center.

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