April 2017 Ongoing Cases

  • Johnson (beat his kitten with a wooden board, causing severe neurological damage) pretrial hearing 4/3. Next pretrial hearing 5/15.
  • Zhao (beat his Maltese into critical condition after it nipped his hand) compliance and election 4/3.
  • The jury trial for Batista (Pomeranian chewed its leg off after no vet care for a rat bite) originally scheduled for 4/5 was rescheduled to 5/15.
  • Clifford (failed to provide adequate shelter and regular care for her horses) compliance and election 4/5. Next compliance and election is 5/10.
  • Guibault (failure to provide shelter or a sanitary environment for cows) pretrial hearing 4/7. The next pretrial hearing is 5/12.
  • Kennedy (German shepherd tangled in tether for days gnawed off part of his paw in an attempt to escape) status hearing 4/13.
  • Garcia and Rodriguez (failure to provide care for their lhasa apso’s severe and chronic ear infections) pretrial hearing 4/18. Next pretrial hearing 6/13.
  • Egeland and Stanton/Balance Your Bully K9 Training (leaving a muzzle on a dog 24/7 for days and failing to seek vet care for the dog when the muzzle caused a severe infection) compliance and election 4/27.
  • Castine (failed to provide proper shelter and a sanitary environment for his horses) compliance & election 4/28. Next compliance and election 6/23.
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