April 2019 Adjudicated Cases

  • On 4/11, Eddie Vasquez of Lawrence (cockfighting and keeping the birds in poor conditions) admitted to sufficient facts and was found guilty on 10 of 11 counts. For this he was sentenced to 364 days in the house of corrections suspended for 2 years, $90 victim witness fee, $65/month probation fee with home visits, and may not travel outside of MA except to NH and NY or own any animals during that time. The 11th count was CWOF for 1 year with a $1000 fine
  • On 4/26 (following a pretrial hearing 4/5), Luis Zayas of Holyoke (cruelly beat his Shih Tzu, causing the dog to suffer and eventually resulted in such severe injuries that the dog perished as a result despite intensive care hospitalization) was declared guilty on 2 counts. He was sentenced to 9 months of probation, during which time he must attend anger management counseling, remain drug and alcohol free, and may not own any pets.
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