August 2016 Ongoing Cases

  • Krafve (vet with injured & deceased livestock), whose case was adjudicated last year, faced sanctions from the veterinary licensing board on 8/10.
  • Vanhauer (no vet care for horse with severe laminitis) pretrial hearing 8/11. Motion to dismiss scheduled for 10/11.
  • Newnam (severely beat boxer puppy) pretrial hearing 8/16. Jury trial scheduled for 11/29.
  • Corby (no vet care for very ill kittens, some of which died) was a no-show at his show cause hearing and the complaints were issued. Arraignment is scheduled for 9/1.
  • Kennedy (German shepherd tangled in tether for days gnawed off part of his paw in an attempt to escape) arraignment 8/18.
  • Rossi (failure to provide adequate sustenance, vet care, and a sanitary environment for 2 dogs) arraignment 8/22.
  • McHendry and Richard (>100 domestic and wild animals living in squalor) Motion to suppress and pretrial hearing 8/29. The court is still awaiting McHendry’s competency examination report. Status hearing scheduled for 9/26.
  • Richardson (failed to provide proper food, water, shelter, and a sanitary environment for her 3 horses) jury trial continued until 10/4.
  • Officer Weiand was summonsed to testify for the prosecution in an animal cruelty case investigated by local police.
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