December 2016 New Cases Filed

  • Officer Christine Allenberg filed charges against Jessica Torres of Springfield, for failing to provide vet care for her spaniel mix dog, who suffered for months with a proptosed and badly infected eye. Arraignment was 12/27.
  • Officer Martha Parkhurst filed 7 charges against Troy McNiff of Ayer for failing to provide proper food, water, shelter and a sanitary environment for numerous swine and cattle, and for failing to provide veterinary care for several ill animals. Arraignment was 12/28, and a pretrial hearing is scheduled for 2/2/17.
  • Officer Christine Allenberg filed 3 charges against Gerald Castine of Athol for failing to provide proper shelter and a sanitary environment for his horses. He failed to show for his arraignment 12/30 and a warrant was issued.
  • Officer Christine Allenberg filed 5 charges against Loretta Clifford of Phillipston for failing to provide adequate shelter and regular care for her horses. Arraignment is scheduled for 1/17/17.
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