December 2016 Ongoing Cases

  • Zhao (beat his Maltese into critical condition) arraignment 12/8. Pretrial hearing scheduled for 2/13/17.
  • Coston (failed to provide adequate sustenance or any veterinary care for his skinny, sick, and injured pit bull) trial 12/12 rescheduled to 3/2/17.
  • Teague (failed to provide adequate sustenance or shelter for her 4 horses) arraignment 12/12.
  • Egeland and Stanton/Balance Your Bully K9 Training (leaving a muzzle on a dog 24/7 for days and failing to seek vet care for the dog when the muzzle caused a severe infection) compliance & election 12/13.
  • Marshall (a couple sought no vet care for their cane corso that was quilled by a porcupine) pretrial hearing 12/13. Hillary Marshall was given 6 months pretrial probation (through 6/12/17) and ordered to perform community service or pay court fees. A compliance and election is scheduled for Richard Marshall 1/23/17.
  • At the magistrate’s hearing 12/15 against Shaun Lyons of Wellesley (beat his aunt’s Chihuahua while staying at her home) a complaint was issued and arraignment is scheduled for 1/27/17.
  • Corby (no vet care for very ill kittens, some of which died) pretrial hearing 12/20.
  • Saccone (failed to provide adequate sustenance for his Australian shepherd and failed to provide veterinary care for the resulting medical issues) arraignment 12/23.
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