February 2016 Adjudicated Cases

  • Dupre (emaciated pregnant mare) was CWOF for 1 year, with administrative probation. Ms. Dupre is not allowed to possess any animals during that time, and must perform 20 hours of community service.
  • Nieves/Hadley (allowed juvenile to repeatedly beat pit bull puppy and failed to seek vet care for it) was CWOF for 18 months with administrative probation after 9 months. The couple is not allowed to possess any animals during that time.
  • Singthongyang (beat Chihuahua to death) was CWOF for 1 year. Mr. Singthongyang may not possess animals during this time, and must remain drug and alcohol free, and continue counseling with the VA hospital.
  • Marchegiani (repeatedly beat his girlfriend’s cat) pleaded guilty to sufficient facts at trial on 2/17. The case was CWOF for 18 months with supervised administrative probation. Mr. Marchegiani was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation and counseling.
  • Richardson (failed to provide proper food, water, shelter, and a sanitary environment for her 3 horses) jury trial resulted in a mistrial when one of the state’s witnesses confused this case with another and testified with the wrong evidence.
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