February 2017 Ongoing Cases

  • Batista (Pomeranian chewed its leg off after no vet care for a rat bite) pretrial hearing 2/2.
  • McNiff (failure to provide proper food, water, shelter and a sanitary environment for numerous swine and cattle, and for failure to provide veterinary care for several ill animals) pretrial hearing was 2/2, compliance and election is scheduled for 3/7 and motions for 5/26.
  • Guibault (failure to provide shelter or a sanitary environment for cows) arraignment was 2/7 and a pretrial hearing is scheduled for 4/7.
  • The hearing scheduled for 2/8 in the case of a Chelsea woman who brought a deceased shih tzu in deplorable condition to the Boston ACAC was rescheduled to 2/28. The complaint failed to issue and LE is considering contesting this.
  • Zhao (beat his Maltese into critical condition after it nipped his hand) pretrial hearing 2/13. Compliance & election 4/3.
  • The MA Department of Agricultural Resources held a hearing on whether Teague (failed to provide adequate sustenance or shelter for her 4 horses) should lose her stable license.
  • Johnson (beat his kitten with a wooden board, causing severe neurological damage) arraignment 2/17.
  • Officer Nadya Moreno was summonsed in Pelletier (an outside case).
  • Torres (failed to provide vet care for her spaniel mix dog, who suffered for months with a proptosed and badly infected eye) pretrial hearing 2/28.
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