February 2018 Adjudicated Cases

  • On 2/1 the case against the Saugus juvenile (made videos both of himself physically tormenting his grandmother’s dogs and of him ordering his 7 year old brother to torment them) was CWOF with probation until 11/17/18 (the youth’s 18th birthday). He must continue with weekly counseling, continue with counseling at school, attend school daily, Anger management classes, BARC program, No abuse of family members including pets, No unsupervised contact with animals. The MSPCA and the prosecution had asked for a finding of delinquent with the above provisions, however Judge McMannis decided to CWOF the case.
  • Rossi (failure to provide adequate sustenance, vet care, and a sanitary environment for 2 dogs) cleared the warrant issued when she failed to show for her pretrial hearing 10/18/16. A probation violation hearing was held 2/18 when she was found to have new horses on her property. At her  jury trial 2/26 she pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and also admitted to violating her probation. Ms. Rossi was ordered to either pay 3 fines ($500, $125, $90) or perform 62 hours of community service. Ms. Rossi made known her plan to move out of state immediately.
  • The Crapps (failed to provide adequate sustenance and care for their emaciated and sick pit bull) trial scheduled for 3/14 was canceled without notice to the MSPCA and the case CWOF for 6 months with no restrictions.
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