February 2019 Adjudicated Cases

  • On 2/8, Connie Bartlett (failed to provide adequate sustenance or veterinary care for her toy poodle suffering from emaciation, rotted teeth, and a ruptured eye) was placed in a pre-arraignment diversion program through 2/7/20, during which she must get veterinary checks for her current pets, is forbidden to acquire any new animals, and is subject to inspections with notice by MSPCA Law Enforcement.
  • At his jury trial 2/20, Mark Batchelor (locked multiple birds and farm animals into containers/shelters and moved away, leaving them to die) was found guilty on all 3 counts.
  • The cases against Delvon James and Joss Rosario-Morales (put Mr. James’ badly injured cat into a rubber tote and dumped it in the woods behind a nursing home rather than seeking veterinary care) were CWOF for 6 months and both must complete BARC.
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