January 2016 Adjudicated Cases

  • Kinsella (suffocated dog to death – charges in this case were filed by Brookline PD) was found guilty of animal cruelty and received three years’ probation with special conditions including:   Continue mental health treatment, verification of compliance with mental health treatment to be provided to probation, take medication as prescribed, comply with current treatment as recommended by provider, and provide updated prescription medication list to probation; remain alcohol/ drug free with testing as requested by probation department, comply with DMH recommendations; have no custody, control, possession of any dog, cat, or other domestic animal or reside or stay in a home with domestic animals except for in the home of a parent while under parental supervision (may be guest in home with animals if under parental supervision); no employment or volunteer work with animals.

Defense Attorney Melissa Mitchell (CPCS) requested a CWOF, which the judge rejected.  The defense agreed with most of the probationary terms.  Mr. Kinsella’s parents were present for the plea and acknowledged by the judge.

  • Martin (failure to provide care for his elderly, dying Pit Bull). At the pretrial hearing 1/27/16, the defendant pleaded the case out. The judge gave him a CWOF for 9 months. The ADA requested guilty probation, but the judge would not entertain the request that the defendant not own any animals for the probationary period because she felt the defendant ‘just made a mistake’.
  • Finney (8 cats in unsanitary “rescue group” home) CWOF for 6 months with no restrictions. MSPCA LED granted random inspection rights.


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