January 2016 Ongoing Cases

  • Rios (ear cropping & tail docking of puppies) pretrial hearing 1/19. Motion to dismiss scheduled for 3/22.
  • Ledan (starving and severely matted dog uncared for in flooded and unsanitary basement) was a no-show at her arraignment 1/22 and a warrant was issued.
  • Caldwell (starving and keeping 2 beagles in unsanitary conditions) arraignment 1/22.
  • Cierpial (severely beat roommates’ Shih Tzu) trial 1/25. The court accepted a plea that the MSPCA LED and ADA did not agree with. The case was CWOF for 1 year during which Mr. Cierpial must remain drug and alcohol free, undergo a mental health evaluation, and pay restitution.
  • Monteiro (dog with multiple medical issues and no vet care) pretrial hearing 1/26.
  • Robson/Just Pups (pup suffering from canine parvovirus received no vet care) arraignment 1/27.
  • 17yo Fitchburg male (physically abused and burned a cat his mother was pet sitting) pretrial hearing 1/29.
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